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September 05, 2010

Are you ready for a mish mash of whatever news that i am going splat out on this blog post? because i am going to.

in three.. two... one...


Kylie still looks really really good. This is her new song.

Top video on youtube for the month, Eminem ft. Rihanna's 'Love The Way You Lie' is a really good MTV particularly because of the back stories of the 2 singers (abusive relationships!) and that girl looks super like Megan Fox! and that is Charlie from LOST!

(oh wow, Youtube now supports iframe embeds. That's awesome.)

Download the summer dance hits from ALi's blog now! You can view all the past compilations in that link too. I love all the pop remixes.

Lastly, a super catchy song from Ceelo Green. I like this typographic version more, but their official MV is not bad too!

Random Tech Stuff

First up, Apple held a conference and announced their brand new iPod Touch, which basically is an iPhone 4 w/o the call and sms function. So, no reception problems there, and there's hd video and camera recording! That should satisfy most people.

Then there was the iPod Nano. Which was the old nano, but with the lower half chopped off. Pretty cool but why would anyone get a screen that is so NANO? Watch the cool ad here nonetheless. I like the music (theme song in Chuck!)

Then were two new releases this week -- The iTunes 10 and Chrome 6. First up let's talk about the iTunes 10.

What I like about it:

Faster syncing with iPhone (apparently?)

What I don't like about it:

1. Icon has been changed. Horribly. Maybe because CDs are so passe? HA. But in any case, there is a fix for it here.

2. Icon colours and stoplight within iTunes have been changed. Horribly. Its all grey and emo now :( but! there is also a fix for it

3. No more custom ringtones editor. Not that it was very user-friendly.. But I chanced upon audiko.net when I was googling it. It's brilliant, and it can even grab Youtube songs for you to customize into a ringtone for your iPhone!

Now, Chrome 6. I like it. There's nothing I don't like about it. It is faster, the interface is sleeker.. Go GET it. (psst. if you are still using Internet Explorer.. you should stab yourself.)

In other tech news, I've recently discovered Foodspotting. The perfect web/app service for someone like who stops everyone from tucking into food and feels a compulsive need to snap every dish when it's served. This app is like twitter + foursquare but for food. So it is super great!

Do sign up for an account, and add me! www.foodspotting.com/alexischeong


OK this deserves an entry by itself. Because I ate super a lot recently. I'm surprised I am not fat yet.

Random links and funny videos

1. Creature found in Japanese waters. Yucks!!!

For some viral videos that has been floating around the interweb, in case you've not caught them..

2. Elephant Snack Attack!!!

3. Totoro is a horror film

4. mrbrown's version of bieber's baby.

Ok! End of post! Next up, foooooood.

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