Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Live 2011 - Top 3 Videos

Of course I would always share good things when I see them. Here's a quick video post of the 3 good quality videos of the VS Fashion Show - the catwalk that is hotly anticipated every year because it is almost like the MTV music awards with hot models.

 I do think after watching years of these fashion shows, I've gotten a little bit tired of the constant winking and air kissing and raising of butterfly hands. Its always those moves! If it was any other person than those angels, they would just look like they're having some facial spasms and gross people out with those hand to mouth to air actions.

Nonetheless, enjoy these videos, especially for the guys eh! I've placed them in order of least fav to fav. Nicki Minaj simply looks rather pissed off that she has to share the stage with those gorgeous non-human models with abs and legs that stretch on forever while she looks like a short clown. Haha.

Next is Kanye, who just looks really grateful to be there. However the superhero costumes are way to tacky and ugly to save the show.

Lastly, my favorite! The aquatic theme is sooo gorgeous, love the execution of the wings and the shimmery green or pearly mermaid style.. Not to mention one of the hottest songs of the moment was performed.

Hope you guys liked this as much as I do on this rainy gloomy morning!


  1. I can't ever take a Nicki Minaj ever. Even Lady Gaga looks better!

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