Drink Review: Allerines Premium Tea for Beauty

Do you know that tea can be good for beauty purposes too?

Most people will associate tea with caffeine and think of it as just a drink to quench your thirst. To me, tea is usually a thick cup of Lipton Yellow Label with loads of sugar. But thanks to Allerines Premium Tea, I discovered that besides drinking it to quench your thirst, it can also help improve your health and beauty!

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I first came across Allerines Premium Tea when I visited Ciel Patisserie at Hougang, where they actually used Allerines. At first I thought it was an imported brand, but much to my surprise found that it is actually a local tea company that retails wholesale and via online! Who would have thought that there will be tea from Singapore??? Well, the tea leaves and flavors are custom-blended in Europe, but still... I think it is really special. You can order them online and it will be delivered right to your doorstep.

I was sent a huge box of pyramid teas from Allerines to try out. I was really happy to receive them because I LOVE TEA. I'm not a coffee person, but drink tea every day instead.

Other than 7 types of tea, there is also an organic lavender hand lotion and 2 sheet masks from innisfree (Korean beauty company), which was so sweet!

The packaging of the teas was really pleasant - the 4 boxes contain 20 bags each in a ziplock, and the small sample pack contain 2 pyramid bags each. And if you don't know, pyramid tea bags are actually better for tea leaves because they allow the flavors to escape properly.

Green Tea:
1. Minty Cool Lime ($16.50 for 20)
2. The Big Apple ($17.50 for 20)
3. Mango Tango (not out yet for now!)
4. Dancing Flowers ($16.50 for 20)

Rooibos ($17 for 20):
1. Lemon Tart
2. Orange Sorbet
3. African Sunrise

Well on to the teas and how they taste!

One thing about all the Allerines Tea is how good they smell when you open the bag up. And the smell is quite strong too. However, they are not strong-tasting in water, so you get the fragrance of tea, but not the overpowering taste that might overwhelm your tastebuds.

Perfect to go along with some cakes!

There are 2 types sent to me to try (they have black and herbal too!) - Rooibos, and Green Tea. If you are wondering what are Rooibos, here's a nifty explanation from the Allerines website:
Technically, Rooibos is not a true tea. It comes from the plant Aspalathus linearis, rather than the Camellia plants that produce traditional teas. The name Rooibos comes from the Afrikaans word for 'red bush'.
It is in fact a caffeine-free, low-tannin drink so pregnant mothers or people worried about tea stains can enjoy it and its many minerals and health benefits.

There is the Rooibos Lemon Tart tea, which is made up of so many delicious flavors like lemon grass and sunflowers (reading that makes me happy already!) that you can taste and even see in the bag.

Here's a quick shot of the cuppa I had - look at the myriad of things in the bag!

Next up, another Rooibos tea - Orange Sorbet. Sounds like a refreshing pick me up. Orange blossoms and marigolds. You are this close away from drinking a field (with rainbows and butterflies in the backgroun

Then the green tea varieties! There are so many, but the first to catch me and my colleagues' attention was the Cool Lime flavor. Green sencha tea with citrusy flavors and spearmint!

Here are the tea bags in the ziplock for easy storage.

There is also The Big Apple Green Tea - white oolong tea with apple. It says green tea, but in fact there are variations in the tea leaves. I like apple tea, and this is a good blend of flavors which are healthy for me. 

And lastly, the flavor that is newly launched - Green Tea Mango Tango! It is a mix of green and black tea, with purple cornflowers, lemon myrtle leaves, orange peel and mango pieces. It feels like a rainbow in a bag.

Lastly, African Sunrise Rooibos and Dancing Flowers Green Tea. I have yet to try them (one can only have so many litres of fluids every day) but the flavors just look so interesting!

There are many articles out there about the health and beauty benefits of tea - beyond anti-oxidants or tea bags you can place on your eyes, you can also drink it for weight loss purposes (reduce cholesterol) and keep diseases at bay! If you drink tea, you can look as youthful as Cindy Crawford does at 45, because that is her secret.

Researchers even found that drinking oolong tea can reduce eczema symptoms because Oolong tea contains powerful antioxidants called polyphenols and unique flavonoids which may account for its efficacy.

Next time you feel like having a drink in the afternoon or after meals, pick up a tea instead. And not just any tea, but Allerines Premium Tea!

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