CBD Lunch Eats: The Timmis at Oxley Tower #01-06, 138 Robinson Road, Singapore 068906

July 06, 2017

If you've not realised, protein salad places are popping up in the CBD like corner shops in the heartlands. Such a place has just opened up at Oxley Tower, the relatively new office building just a block down from my office on Robinson Road. Named The Timmis, they are situated right beside the also-new 7-11 and directly opposite from Simply Sandwich (and Dudu Cafe) where the McCallum St is. Besides protein boxes, they also have premium coffee (S$4 for espresso, $5 for latte and up) using Common Man coffee beans that is pretty decent.

Here's the menu. You begin the order by choosing the protein and accompaniments via ticking it off a sheet of paper. Options are not super varied but I appreciate the tofu protein option for vegetarians.

I've had a couple of their coffees by now and they are great! They've already recently launched a new tea-infused coffee series such as the Earl Grey Coffee Latte ($6.50).

My hefty lunch box. For one thing, portions are definitely generous and enough to fill you up.

I got some grilled chicken thigh with some zucchini, corn, shitake mushrooms and whole wheat pasta (as base), plus some cherry tomatoes (S$0.5 more), with some seaweed flakes and citrus ginger dressing last time, which was ok but a little too wet for me (because of the mushrooms).

So for my next try, I picked a better combination - steak with broccoli, red peppers, wholewheat pasta, romaine lettuce and onsen egg plus sunflower seeds and a citrus ginger dressing. It was simple and delicious.

The Timmis is a great little place to grab a healthy lunch option if you are in the vicinity and looking to eat clean. I know I'll continue to patronise this place for lunch in future so hopefully they can stick around for a bit!

The Timmis
Oxley Tower #01-06, 138 Robinson Road, Singapore 068906
8am to 7pm on weekdays
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

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