birthday: blogger symposium + shopping + dinner

I attended the blogger symposium last Saturday on my birthday, organised by nuffnang with Rux. Thought it would be an interesting thing to go for and see the real people behind those blogs. Doctor Leslie Tay from ieat is damn hamsem, i must say!

As it was sponsored by canon, we got free photo print outs! they also did a great marketing job because now i want a canon s90 camera. see that orange card in my hand? my lucky draw number, but i didn't win the s90. 

before the talk. just realised xiaxue's looking in my direction, oops. she's pretty and petite IRL, just like in her blog pics la. and her nails are really super bling, even i want to know what sort of crystals is she using. no wonder she's got so many queries about them in the states.

here's us!

damn funny moment when xiaxue scolded someone who's on the phone.
"Want to die is it? later i blog about you ah!"

here's my owl tee that go rux to tweet, "wide awake at the #nnsymposium!"

kenny sia, malaysia' top blogger, made a special appearance during the talk! he sportingly went up to for xx to take a pic of him so she can photoshop him! hilarious.

smile big big for the head shot! Kenny is a very humorous blogger, i love reading his posts.

with kenny siaaaa, happy siaaaa. btw he has a surprisingly deep voice.
With Kenny Sia!

ok! so after the event, which was a good effort by nuffnang for a first time, we decided to go shopping at marina square. bought stufff, before going to good ol' kenny rogers for some soul food.

their corn muffins are so damn good.

my roasters set with mac 'n cheese and corn nibblets. om nom nom.

rux's quarter chicken w mac and cheese and mashed taters.

i'm quite happy with my buys! got a $60 pair of suede maryjane heels from topshop, a dark blue flutter top from there as well as hot pink sandals on sale for $9. like omg how cheap.

here's a pic of the gorgeous maryjane. i hope it doesn't bite, it looks fierce!

and finally, here's a random polaroid of me taken last Sunday after the makeover.

the long weekend had been really awesome. great friends, food, drinks, and activities from Thurs night all the way to Sat night. and now a gorgeous rainy sunday for me to laze around, blog and watch tv. Couldn't ask for more! Thanks everyone for making turning 1 year older less of a pain :)

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