About Me


A born and bred Singaporean, I am passionate about food, beauty, tech/gadgets, social media and popular culture (books, movies, music). 

I've a day job working as a self-employed marketing consultant because I am passionate about digital marketing, social media. I also conduct Social Media and Influencer Marketing training with ClickAcademy (email me if you are interested to attend any of my course!).

Though I've started this blog at 14, I've started writing Singapore food reviews and recommendations only in April 2010 because I originally wanted to share with my friends what I liked (without repeating myself too much) after I joined the workforce, only to realise the world (mostly hungry Singaporeans) can read them too. So you will find mostly positive reviews - bad ones are not worth writing about - and the really bad ones will only be posted if I am really cheesed off. Most of what's here are good food recommendations sprinkled with a dash of travel, music, beauty and tech.

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Food review invites or hellos are welcome so please feel free to contact me.