Thursday, 29 January 2015

Healthy Lunch Deal: Snack Culture at CT Hub, 2 Kallang Avenue, Singapore 339407

There's a really neat restaurant/bistro at the second floor of CT Hub at Kallang Avenue called Snack Culture that I've been frequenting a lot. This is a lunch spot I'll recommend to anyone who's looking for a healthy yet delicious lunch option around Lavender. This is especially relevant for people working in Pico Creative Centre (my office building) and Aperia (the rather new office/retail space with 24-hour Tim Ho Wan). I really hope they will get more business so they will remain open! 

Here's their menu. Snack Culture has really interesting meal offerings like Bulgogi Beef Bowl, Meatballs and even Kimchi Chigae. The twist is that they all come with rice/bread/crackers, and their rice is really good because you can choose from brown rice, olive rice or rice with chia seeds and goji and ginko!

I tried the Aromatic Merah Chicken with Tofu today as it was new on the menu! It was flavorsome and contains plenty of tumeric (good for health) amidst smashed chicken and tofu. I love the gravy too - perfect to soak my brown rice with. I used to order their Korean Spicy Tofu Stew, but it's a little too spicy for me. Plus it's probably the most unhealthy among the lot with the chunks of luncheon meat in there. My colleagues had the bulgogi, also a favorite. The Healthy Harvest Rice (thunder tea inspired) is for those looking for even more of a healthy kick.

The best part is, the entire meal only costs $7 each if 3 of you order together (3 for $20). What a good deal!

I also found out today from Dr. Leslie Tay's Facebook Page that the owner of the restaurant is a doctor. He came by today after lunch to have a chat with us, and I found out that he still maintains his medical practitioner license! However, his penchant for inventing innovative dishes saw him doing "strange things" after a few years of practice, of which Snack Culture is one of the results. 

Check out their Fri/Sat night degustation menu that's by reservation only. The tapas dishes are all really interesting, such as Edamame with Tom Yam foam.

There's also alcohol available, in case anyone is working in that area and hankering for a drink!

All in all, a great place to have a healthy delightful lunch that won't hurt your wallet. I'll strongly recommend anyone to check out Snack Culture for a bite.

Snack Culture 
#02-17, CT Hub, 2 Kallang Avenue, 339407
+65 64432006
Open from Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, Fri/Sat dinner (reservation only)
Closed on Sundays

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Time to buy: Temasek Clothings T-Shirts

If you have a sense of humour, love wearing tee shirts because they are the best thing ever, and have grown up in Singapore, you have to check out Temasek Clothings (geddit?) for their awesome funny tees that is sure to spark conversation among Singaporeans.

I chose to get their best selling creation, Xiao Ming. Note that sizing runs small, so L actually fits me better than the usual threadless M.

Where did this Asian guy come from?

Anyway, because all of you readers are so awesome, get 10% off your buys by using the promo code ALEXIS10 when you check out.

Speaking of checking out, they have a bunch of CNY tees worth doing just that. My favorite has to be the Lontong one, hahahah.

And they make custom tees too, so don't paiseh, email and ask ok?
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Monday, 26 January 2015

App Recco: The Entertainer 2015 Promo Code for Dining Deals

You know how back in the days you might buy a stack of coupons for a couple of hundred dollars, and then tear and use it up before the expiry dates for them? Well, that's exactly how I see it as the mobile version of The Entertainer App, which recently did a launch for their 2015 deals and partners! Basically you can save up to $89k if you use every single offer in it, to redeem 1-for-1 main courses (most popular!) or other types of redemptions.

There's an early bird price of $60 if you download it before end Feb, plus get a further 10% discount if you use the promo code "2015ALVIN".  As the offers expire on Dec 31, it's definitely better to get the app sooner than later! Download for your phone now (14 day trial with limited partners available on on iTunesAndroid  or Windows.

And if you are not convinced that this is a good deal, here's a few screen caps from what you'll get in the app. There's Buyan and Fat Cow 1 for 1 main courses.

Some other restaurants like Fern & Kiwi, etc. You can view the F&B merchants (and more, they have over 250!) on the website.

What are you waiting for? This is a very straightforward decision (and worthwhile investment) to make! Go download the app now and enjoy big savings.

Thanks to and The Entertainer for inviting me to the launch.

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Clarke Quay Food Trail: Bayang Balinese Cuisine, Xiao Cheng Gu Shi Ba Kut Teh and RAS Indian Restaurant

I had the honour to be invited by Singapore's award-winning Food & Travel magazine to join their Clarke Quay Food Trail one Saturday afternoon last year for lunch. I am always up for food trails, but the ones hosted by Food & Travel are always good fun - the previous one I went for was a dinner edition at Clarke Quay which involved soju bombs and riverboats.

The Food & Travel team are a good bunch of people to hang around with, so if you do read about any more food trails via the magazine you should definitely try to sign up!
In this Clarke Quay Food Trail, we visited 3 locations. First up, Bayang Balinese Cuisine at 3A River Valley Road, #01-05, Singapore 179020. We sampled a good range of Balinese food, which is slightly different from the typical Indonesian fare. 

My favorite would probably be the satay from this appetizer platter. The meat was fresh, not overcooked and well-marinated with a tantalizing mix of spices and sweet sauce.

There's also a unique chicken dish (forgot it's name!) which was interesting, but probably not something I would order again because it's too exotic for me. 

The beef rendang was fabulous though. Two people can just share this over some rice! There are two types of rice too - one that's steamed with banana leaves (the best kind) and one which is in a yellow conical shape.

And order their chicken soto soup. It was really comforting, flavorful and probably good for your soul.

There's also the grilled fish, which turned out to be surprisingly fresh and full of meat that went well with the crispy marinated skin. I really enjoyed this despite not a big grilled fish fan (due to the amount of bones).

Next stop, Xiao Cheng Gu Shi Ba Kut Teh at #01-08 Blk E Clarke Quay, 3 River Valley Road. It's just right near where the old Zirca used to be. I would normally have just the pork bone soup with a bowl of rice, but for tasting we also got some veggies and the pork trotters which was quite well done! I must caution that this BKT is probably average in terms of tastiness though. But at least there's this option now for supper after clubbing at Clarke Quay!

Lastly we headed to RAS, the Essence of India at #01-05A at Block 3D for an authentic and satisfying contemporary North Indian lunch experience. We tried all the classics like Tandoori Prawn, Palak Paneer and Butter Chicken to go with our nice naans.

I would definitely recommend that you guys check these 3 places out for some authentic and very flavorsome food from all over the world! Thank you Food & Travel magazine for hosting us and surprising us with a very cute picnic gift basket after that (even includes plates and jam!)

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Friday, 16 January 2015

My Plastic Surgery Experience with DocfinderKorea and Banobagi - Part 2/2

(Check out Part 1 of my experience here if you have yet to)

The day of surgery arrived! I was nervous, excited and just a little bit doubtful. Did I make the right decision? Am I crazy? Is this too extreme? What would people say? These are just some of the thoughts I had racing in my mind. But at the same time, I also thought about how this is something I am doing for myself. It’s my face, my life, and I do whatever I want with it as long as I am happy. Thanks to DocfinderKorea, I can make my wishes to have a more balanced face come true!

Day 1 - Surgery 

Shin (from DocfinderKorea) picked me up from the hotel to send me to the clinic (definitely not in the mood to figure out how to get there by taxi in Korean, or the train). I met Dr. Lee again before my surgery where he went through the procedures again. The biggest news was that he would be making small incisions inside my mouth to place the paranasal implants, so I will have to go on a liquid diet for 10 days. Oh no! But then again, I did not come to Seoul for a food tour…

Here I am after the consultation and payment. Last few shots of this ol’ face.

I was brought down to the B1 surgical floor to change into the surgical gown (quite thick, like a bathrobe) and waited in a small cosy room.

While waiting I took some shots of the face I’ve been seeing for all my life.

Goodbye single eyelids, small but cute nose, and smile lines.

Finally I was called for my turn, and Linda (another friendly English consultant) brought me to the surgical room. I actually underwent Local Anaesthesia, or what they call Sleeping Sedation instead of General Anaesthesia, because apparently with the first it is safer, and the recovery is much faster. But it also requires more skill on the medical team to keep you conscious yet numb to pain. So I actually could hear and sense what’s going on around me in a dreamlike state, though there are bits that I cannot remember. I remembered being injected with the fluid, and having anaesthesia injected in my face, as well as the pressure on my eyelids and nose, and the bit on the laser.

Through it all, there was ZERO PAIN. That's probably the number 1 question I’ve received since coming back. The whole surgery that took 5 hours, I didn’t feel a thing except the prick of the needles from the sedation. I remembered that after the surgery when the sedation was wearing off I felt drunk. And that I asked for water when I was resting in the recovery bed for half an hour because my throat was dry from breathing through it. Still, I was conscious enough to change up.

Shin was waiting for me as I came out, had my meds in hand from the pharmacy (no way I could have bought them in my state) and brought me to the car.  He even bought some porridge on the way back to the hotel, which I slowly ate half of. That night I didn’t sleep very well, as I wasn’t used to breathing through my mouth and lying on my back.

Day 2 – Bandages removed

I was glad the day broke. I forced myself to eat more porridge that was left over from last night for breakfast, before going back to the clinic for post-op. I was then given the bad news - I have to be given an antibiotic injection as a safety procedure. They couldn’t get the vein on my right arm and it hurt a lot (probably the most in the whole process), but finally got it done on the left.

This was how I looked after the band around my face, the gauze around my nose and the tapes on my eyelids were removed. The cast is there to keep the implant in place. I look super different in this shot!

After that I am all done, and was out in the waiting room learning about post-op care. I was given a care package and a carton of pumpkin juice (supposedly good to help with deswelling) after surgery. The ice pack was also a godsend in relieving the swollenness, and the facemasks were really thoughtful for when we were going out. I had to take antibiotics 3x a day after food, use an iodine gargle 30x a day, hydrogen peroxide via cotton buds on my nose 10x a day, and a anti-bacterial gel on my nose, ears and eyes twice a day. Stitch removal is on the 5th day, and again on the 10th day.

Back at the hotel I could finally untie and wash my hair and parts of my face, gently. Never felt so good! We stayed in since it is going to be super crowded outdoors on the weekend. Sleep that night was probably the worst I’ve had the whole trip though – I was really swollen up and breathing through your mouth the entire night will make your tongue crisp up and throat raspy.

Day 3 to 6

Day 3 was spent in our rooms, watching Harry Potter on cable and just relaxing since we were both still quite swollen. On Day 4 we actually ventured out shopping at Coex Mall near our hotel!

Diet for these few days comprised mostly of canned porridge from the 7-11 next door for me, since I can’t have big or solid foods and this is the most convenient. To be honest it wasn’t that bad a diet – I consider myself undergoing a little bit of an eat-clean diet for those days.

Here’s a snapshot of where we went that week from Monday to Sunday. We covered loads of places amidst the minus zero temperature. I even touched fresh snow for the first time in my life at DMZ, on Friday! Check out the Seoul Guide pdf I've made, if you are planning a trip there.

For photos, I took 1 religiously every morning by the window, to track the changes. As you can see I am swollen for the most parts, especially around my cheeks! The bruising started under my eyes but quickly went away and moved downwards to my cheeks and neck due to the lymphatic system.

Day 6 had me removing the cast on my nose, and stitches on my columnella (outer part of nose)! I feared that it would hurt, but found it only slightly painful. Then they had to clean my nose with a big ball of cotton bud and that was more painful, but I could breathe much better after that! I have to be more diligent with cleaning the nose too – apparently I didn’t do a very good job before. Oops!

Day 7 to 11

Feels so good to have the cast OFF! By day 8 I think I look really normal already. In fact, Shin commented that I recovered from and bruise and swell much less than others considering what I’ve done.

Day 12 – Final stitches removal day

Finally! I was getting a bit tired of the city by then, because its always minus 0 degrees and I have to wear loads of clothes. I miss my tank top and shorts! But the day has finally come when I can remove the stitches inside my nose, ears and mouth.

This is how I look that morning, before I left to be sent to the clinic for my appointment. Cheeks are still a bit stiff, which is why I didn’t smile for the photo even though I am smiling super widely inside!

And here I am with Dr. Lee again, who came by to check on me after the stitches are removed (only a bit painful, especially the ones in the mouth). I am hugely grateful to have such an experienced, skilled and kind surgeon to shape my face in a way that I would have never imagined. Till now I am still very much in love with what was done, and I think I will be… forever.

With the beautiful and bright Claire!

And here’s the before and after. Note that the after was taken on Day 12 only, so I still am swollen, but can you see how the changes were subtle but improved my eyes so I am not so sleepy looking, and the side profile? It’s ok if you can’t – I CAN, because I’ve had the chance to look at it for 28 years! I am so excited for the Acculift to show their results (after 3 months)!

Day 13 – Back to Singapore and family

Finally touched down in the evening. I actually did not tell my parents about my surgery because I didn’t want them to worry, so I was a little nervous when I got back and wondered how will they take it. My mum actually didn’t notice as I was back with my luggage and all, but when I told her, she was quite flustered about the nose because of the complications, infection etc that could happen! (My dad was ok with it). But when I told her about my research and how DocfinderKorea arranged for the best her worries were gone, and all’s good. I’m glad, because I am really happy with the results!

Day 14 – Back to work and colleagues

Yes, I came back on a Tuesday night and was back at work on Wednesday. A few of my colleagues knew beforehand about my PS, but most didn’t. Again I was anxious about the reactions, but turns out they were unfounded. Reactions were positive! Actually girls are much more observant about such things than guys. It was funny because guys go like, something is different, but they can’t place what it is (or not notice at all), while girls picked it up immediately though not many would go up to me and comment about it…

And so... presenting Alexis V2.0! This was the photo I posted on social media that evening after the first day back at work which got tonnes of positive reactions and likes ☺ I am happy that my friends like it as much as I do!

More selfies, a couple more days later (Day 16) in a different light/angle. This is now my profile photo!

Day 17 (I was wearing a tube dress, not doing a #nakedselfie)

A photo posted by alexis cheong (@alexischeong) on

Day 21, Christmas Eve when I was out having coffee with my sister!

In case you need a comparison! Old and new. Thank you DocfinderKorea and Banobagi!

And here's Day 31. Exactly 1 month post-op. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it painful?
A: Nope. Seriously, even after the anaesthesia wore off, there is no pain, because all the wounds are neatly stitched up and at areas where you typically won't feel it. Stitch removal's uncomfortable, but not bad.

Q: How much did it cost?
A: My four procedures, with DocfinderKorea's fees included are:

1. Double eyelid non-incisional surgery 2.09 mil KRW = 2,518 SGD
2. Rhinoplasty (silicon implant for bridge and ear cartilage tip) 4.95 mil KRW = 5,963 SGD (note that costs will differ from person to person depending on what exactly you'll need to do)
3. Paranasal implants 2.2 mil KRW = 2,650 SGD
4. Acculift/Accusculpt laser 3.3 mil KRW = 3,975 SGD

Q: How long did it take for you to recover?
A: Downtime was 1 night. I was swollen on day 2, day 3 was better, and shopping by the 4th day. How’s that for fast? But seriously, downtime is minimal because the surgeries are well done, and the clinic’s super diligent about preventing post-surgery infections.

Q: Do implants need to be checked or maintained after the surgery? Is there any aftercare?
A: No, it's there for life, and there's no need to do anything about it unless you think something is not right.

Q: Can you do sports or strenuous activity?
A: Yes, 1 month after, when the implants settle down more. Of course I am not rushing to do bungee jumping or wakeboarding even after 3 months lah.

Q: Do you like your new look?
A: YES. I love it. I'm still trying to get used to it, but I think it's a decision I am glad to have made.

Q: Are you comfortable talking about this, or having people know?
A: I was initially a bit worried about it, but after having gone through the procedure and having my friends/family/colleagues' reactions, I realized I am ok with letting people know, because I am proud of the results. There's no point covering it up when it's something I did with the utmost research, care and detail, and extremely happy with!

Once again, this would never have been so smooth, so successful, and so joyous without the assistance of DocfinderKorea. If you are thinking of doing plastic surgery in Seoul, I’ll recommend for you to contact NOW.

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Monday, 5 January 2015

My Plastic Surgery Experience with DocfinderKorea and Banobagi - Part 1/2

Some of you might be surprised upon reading this. Maybe quite a lot of you would be, at hearing that I recently went to Seoul, Korea for plastic surgery at Banobagi, thanks to DocfinderKorea (a medical concierge service).

It was really when a good friend of mine asked if I’d like to go to Korea with her to do plastic surgery about 4 months back. Then I thought, maybe I’ll do something too, so I agreed. I didn’t think about it much after that, since there’s still so much time. Then, about a month ago, I came across a blog post about a medical tourism service called DocfinderKorea that helps foreign tourists find the best clinic in Seoul to do plastic surgery. The agents will also help you to negotiate the prices (because foreigner price is always higher when quoted by the clinic) and arrange for your trip logistics in English. That sounds perfect, so I decided to get in touch, which is one of my best decisions ever.

Some people might think it is wrong to modify how you look surgically, that everyone's perfect the way they look, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it as long as it is done reasonably with calculated risks/pain and gives the person what the person has always wanted (closer to "perfection"?). I know I don’t NEED to do anything to my face, but I am financially and physically capable and I want to. Regardless of what other people think, it’s my life, my face and I can do whatever I want to it.

And because it is my life and my face, I want it in the best of hands. That’s why I am so glad I had DocfinderKorea to help. When it first hit me that I am really going to Seoul in a matter of weeks, I started to research online on where to go and what to do. I looked at forums, blogs, everything I can Google. But I was still working then, and my time was limited. I also realized that information was pretty scarce when it comes to clinic reviews, information and comparisons. There are a few local bloggers who talked about their experience, but it wasn’t enough to tell which is the best plastic surgery clinic in Seoul. Every clinic has photos of similar before/after on their website, and I don’t know how to tell from those.

I later found out that Koreans use Naver almost exclusively (their version of Google), and all the information about local services is listed there instead, in Korean. News of accidents and deaths at those clinics also almost never gets reported in foreign media (coincidentally I just found out from DocfinderKorea after coming back that a patient had just died doing plastic surgery at Wonjin).

Because DocfinderKorea places their clients’ safety as top priority, they will routinely check their partner hospital's safety standards and customer satisfaction every month, in order to recommend only the hospitals with the highest quality as guarantee. In fact, they are the only agency that gets information about medical malpractice from the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency, a national medical dispute resolution service, in real time. I also found out later that my agent, Shin, used to work for a hospital, and thus is familiar with the process of plastic surgery procedures, instead of being a travel agent with a medical tourism focus. That is very important!

Apparently it is a common practice for surgeons to step out while the patient is at the table to be replaced by junior surgeons or even... dentists, because they are unable to handle so many cases. Such practices are apparently rampant in clinics and this was what happened to the woman who just died last week at Wonjin – she consulted with a surgeon and had a dentist step in after (Korean news articles here and here).

That’s why we are at a disadvantage when it comes to selecting clinics and getting reviews from the majority of their clients (other than Chinese visitors of course) if we were to do it ourselves. This is where I find DocfinderKorea the most useful - they are able to recommend the best clinics for you based on super updated local intelligence on which ones are the safest and best.

Another benefit, which you might not think of immediately, is if and when things go wrong (touch wood!) there will be someone you can go to immediately to help you, instead of being stranded in a foreign land that does not understand you. It’s almost like buying insurance for your peace of mind, really.

If you are thinking of going to do some PS work in Seoul, here's how to start: Send an email to with clear photos of your front and side profiles, and state what you’ll like to do. Ask for recommendations on what needs to be done, how much it will cost, and where. Also tell them you got the contact from me!

DocfinderKorea will get back within 2 working days latest with a reply and quotation from clinics they trust to recommend (no more waiting for clinics to respond to your queries via their online consultation forums after a week, with minimal info!). The prices quoted will already be negotiated with the clinic to the best price and includes their fee for their services:

- Clinic recommendation & fee negotiation
- Airport to hotel transfers
- Hotel recommendations
- Half-day city tour
- Transport to and fro hotel to clinic for all trips
- Helping to get medicine from the pharmacy
- Almost 24/7 response on queries via Whatsapp/LINE about the trip/surgery/during surgery before or during trip

You can then decide whether you’ll like to go for it or not, after which you should place a deposit to confirm your consultation/surgeries! The last point is really an honest opinion. When you are going overseas for medical reasons, the best is if you have local family there, but if you don’t, DocfinderKorea is probably the best alternative.


Day 0 Consultation

We went straight to Banobagi (located at the Gangnam area) after touching down mid-afternoon from our flight. They have their own building with 5 stories. Basement is the surgical level, ground floor’s reception and level 2-5 are for the different surgical consults and check-ups. Banobagi is Seoul’s award-winning clinic in terms of quality and service. As a result they also charge a premium for their services. If I want to improve how I look, I want it to be done by the safest, best and most experienced, so cost is no issue.

Any time I was there, there are a lot of locals, waiting for their turn.

Banobagi is one of the few clinics (3%) in Korea that has invested in emergency equipment at the ready in case anything happens, even if they rarely do. In fact, the accident/complaint rate at Banobagi is probably close to zero for them to win at the medical awards and polls, and the reason why DocfinderKorea recommends them. The reception area had accolades and certificates they have won on display, so you know they are serious about this.

Banobagi was also responsible for several transformations in the famous Let Me In show, which you can find out about here and here.

Upon reaching I met with the really pretty and friendly Claire, my personal English consultant and rep from Banobagi. She is always there whenever I visited, to ensure that things go smoothly and helped to translate with my surgeon, and the nurses.

I also finally met up with Shin Park from DocfinderKorea. He was really sweet and patient with answering my queries before the trip via email/Whatsapp and made sure everything is taken care of, so I have nothing to worry about. I was so happy to meet with people who can speak English and explain what’s going on!

There was a form to fill out, before taking my “before” photos. Can you see my slightly more protruding jaw/mouth from the side profile shot? I had originally thought of doing jaw surgery to fix it. My eyes were also really heavy-lidded, with one big and one small eye which is something I wanted to improve for sure.

During pre-consultation, Claire pointed out instead of jaw surgery which will take 5 weeks, the area under my eyes is quite sunken, and making it fuller with fat grafting will help balance the face out. I was quite surprised because I did not realize that - all I thought of was having a bigger nose would help. What she said made sense though. After that we waited around again before consulting with Dr. Lee Hyun Taek.

He is very youthful-looking, and has a humble and friendly demeanour despite him being a superstar surgeon. Why do I say that? Because the following are his credentials. For real.

- Director of Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic
- Completed Doctor of Medicine Course at Seoul National University
- Specialized surgeon, Dept of Plastic Surgery, Seoul National University Hospital
- Advisory Doctor, Dept of Plastic Surgery, Seoul National University Hospital
- Out-Patient Professor, Dept of Plastic Surgery, Seoul National University Hospital
- Academic Director, Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
- Academic Director, Association of Botulism
- Director, Korean Society of Rhinoplasty Surgeons
- Director, Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
- Active Member, Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
- Active Member, Korean Association of Clinical Plastic Surgeons
- Active Member, International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
- Presenter of Topical Dissertation at the 3rd Korean-Japan Congress of Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery 1999

When he saw me the first thing he did was to touch the area just beside my nose, around my smile lines before looking closely at the rest of my face and the photos. Finally, he said in Korean (Claire translated) that I should get implants under my smile line because they will help lift up that area so my mouth does not seem so protruded (plus I will look more youthful). Again, I was surprised that there can be implants there. I never thought about that too!

Moving on, he said I actually have quite a nice nose shape, except it is small compared to my face. I agree! So he drew the outline of the nose and explained carefully how he would make an incision there to put in the silicon implant for a higher bridge and put in some right ear cartilage for the tip so that overall I will have a bigger, more defined nose. (By the way, there was no need for digital "mock up" because I have faith in Dr. Lee to do what's best for my face).

He said that actually my rhinoplasty will be more complicated than usual because of the skin elasticity not being able to take too much expansion, but he will try. It does sound challenging.

For eyes though it will be a walk in the park because it's a non-incisional double eyelid surgery. Apparently I do not need ptosis correction; instead I just need to have some fats removed from my lids so they are less puffy before doing sutures to create that fold.

Lastly, he suggested Acculift for the sides of my cheeks. Acculift is actually a non-invasive laser treatment that melts the excess fats that gave me a bit of a bulging side profile. Actually my face shape from the front is quite nice, he commented. Just that I have a slight protruding jaw/mouth and my cheeks are a little meaty.

And that’s it! The consultation with Dr. Lee was actually quite fast. I was brought to another room where we discussed my options, and I decided to go for all four procedures that Dr. Lee recommended even though Acculift is probably not VERY important. Go big or go home right? Surgery for next afternoon 3pm booked!

I was told to fast for 6 hours before surgery.  We took 2 hours at Banobagi and ended at 6pm. Shin then drove us to our hotel at ibis ambassador Gangnam to check in before we went for dinner.

The hotel was really nice! We had the luck to get a corner room with a super good view of the busy street on the 12th floor. The room was quite small but cosy enough. Our home for the next 13 nights!

In my next post I’m going to talk about the actual surgery to the recovery process, plus what's everyone been waiting for - BEFORE and AFTER pics! Stay tuned!

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