Food Review: Little Part 1 Cafe at Upper Thomson

Went to little part 1 cafe on sat night for dinner with some old friends (woah, old friends indeed).

the place was a little 'ulu' but just next to thomson plaza, which is where we grew up. and it was a really small cosy cafe filled with old retro knick knacks, which is super awesome.

this guy is going back to switzerland on wed!

BUFFALO.WINGS. its strange but i really love them, the super tangy sourish spicy taste.
bbq buffalo wings. its drenched in bbq sauce. i prefer the original spicy!

vanessa ordered a belgium beer called Delirum. Doesn't it sound delish? 
plenty of hippy power to go around!

my order - Louisiana crepe! its yums, mozzarella cheese inside with ham.

and the truly awesome weekly cake - the raspberry cheesecake. it's really really good.

apple crumble with cheap vanilla ice cream. this could be served warmer, with a better quality ice cream. paled in comparison with the raspberry cheesecake.

here's all of us! loooong table.

here's me with mr big-eyed guan. i tried as well.

next up! we went to nicole's place for some Wii and poker. and of course, to play with her lovely boisterous dogs. FOUR of em, of which 1 is a jack russel, 2 schnauzers (ah pek dogs) and 1 umm, can't remember what breed, but he's really old at 77 dog years. so he's quiet while the younger dogs tore the house down.

wii and poker. i was in top 3 out of 6 players! that pile of chips above the chips were mine, wuahah.

i was given the chance to give them some treats. they are damn cute trying to wait for me to give them their treat, and they had to work for it! hi 5 and play dead!

then they played ball. the jack russell you see there is called Prince, and he's the obsessed ball lover. he wants to play fetch 24/7. but Jewel, the grey schnauzer, is a better ball catcher, who doesn't like to let go of the ball because 1. prince is fighting for it and 2. he knows he's gonna have to fetch it again if he returns it. I love prince's expression here. he followed ash all over the house waiting for her to drop the ball. warning, cute overload ahead.

on my sister's lap is Ash! she's the greediest of all three, doesn't play ball but gets easily fooled by rustling plastic and hand actions suggesting treats. hehe. and loves to lie on people's laps. this picture is sooo adorable.

here they are either trying to catch the ball, or waiting for chenyang to give them treats. hehe prince looks so happy!

and a shot of fat assed Jewel. she's just had her womb extracted, but she's back in action now that she's recovered. her fur is like a dark grey carpet and everyone loves to stroke it.

mmmm and that's how i spent my saturday night. good food, old friends, cute dogs and fun games :)

PS: photos courtesy of jiaming. View the full album on facebook here. i want a dslr tooo!!!!

Little Part 1 Cafe
15 Jasmine Road, Adelphi Park Estate, Singapore
Tel: +65 6451 7553
Sun–Thu: 12pm–3pm, 5.30pm–10pm, Fri–Sat: 12pm – 12am

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