warning: photo intensive 2, birthday eve

Good Friday, eve of my birthday - Met up with the njc band peepz in the afternoon for late lunch
at Oriole, Somerset 313!


with shunyu, organizer of event. thanks :P

shunyu, me, ben - march and april babies!

victor, swee and PK - the celebrators. haha!

my spaghetti prawn pasta. not bad.

swee's beef cheek tagliatelle

ben's pork sandwich. value for money!

victor's fish and chips, not as big as fish & co's.

shunyu's molten lava cake! uber rich and sinful.

with our presents! got a handmade vase by PK and a bottle of sakuri sake from shunyu :)

next up, met with zq for some OC fashion show event that i was invited to.
This model is daaaamn pretty, she's got baby face and flawless complexion.
plus she kept smiling at me! hahah.


see? smiling at me! ok, in my direction at least...


during an interlude, the host was like, "so who likes ice cream?" and I naively thought it was just a show of hands kind of thing, so i raised mine. next thing i know, i was hauled on stage for a ben and jerry's taste test, blindfolded. winner gets b&j voucher! but in the end all 3 of us were given the vouchers, chey. i was the fastest to identify the flavour (strawberry cheesecake), by the way.

here's me up there taken by zq.

after the event, we went for our jap dinner at a secret location! hoho. twas damn awesome.


pork belly yakitori.

the stewed pork is damn friggin orgasmic.

zq's cod fish teriyaki.

then, what's a birthday without drinks to numb the pain of growing older right?
we ended up at the bar that's outside alley/acid. here's us, when i am less red. ha.
she drink ice water!
i drink... half a vodka redbull. before this i was treated to a tiger pint, a shot of absinthe and a barcardi 151. the absinthe taste is nastyyy and it burns. barcardi 151 is 78% alcohol, by the way.

guess who woke up with a headache the next day :P

but it was a damn fun day and night. and a damn good way to usher in turning older and wiser.
thanks bestie for the night, and everyone for your happy birthdays! :)

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