11 days of Europe

In my bro's apartment in St. Gallen, Switzerland now. I'm flying back to Singapore tomorrow at noon - before that, a client meeting near Zurich.

I was so busy before flying it was last minute packing to the max on Thurs night after work and french lesson that had me reaching home at 9.30pm. Went to the airport at 11pm (all packed, showered and dinnered!) and had a fat lady sitting beside me in the new A380 airbus so it wasn't as enjoyable but after 12 hours I finally reached Zurich last last Friday at 8am.

From there it has been a whirlwind of a 11 days! During the weekends was with my siblings, all 5 of us, sight seeing in Lyon-Dijon part of France, before going to Geneva, Switzerland. Then from Tue-Fri it was just crazy crazy meetings proposals back to back with little time for anything else! There were some memorable meals though, but sleeping for 5 hours or less every night was also not that great. Then I joined my sibs again yesterday just to regroup and have a nice meal in town. Today me and qy went to send them off and then toured the italian part of Suisse. Car rides in mountain valleys capped with snow. You know there's gonna be a day by day blog posts coming up, with pics pics pics!

Weather here has been generally uncooperative. But even if its being so, I love it. I savour every moment when the cold wind blows even if its so cold I shiver under my inadequate clothing (we all brought summer clothes -- nobody expected 15-18 degrees during the day). Because I know that in a short time I will be back in the humidity and searing heat of Singapore.

More to come - thoughts on Europe, culture, people, food (!), shopping, travel etc. I have packed my luggage and am gonna prepare for bed. Leaving the place at 7am tomorrow! Wish me luck!
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