Food Review: La Cantina at Changi Village Hotel for my birthday

Yes yes, my birthday was on April 3rd, so this is a superbly overdue post! But such gorgeous food do not deserve to remain hidden in my hard disk forever, so here it is! Dinner was at La Cantina tucked far away at Changi Hotel and we made the effort to go alll the way there despite staying rather far away. That's how much I am willing to go for good food. This is a food-only photo post, so if you are feeling hungry, or have craving for pasta/steaks/delicious food, stay far far away. You read the disclaimer!

For the adventurous and gastronomically curious, here we go...

For starters, mushroom soup! We ordered one to share, and the 1/2 portion was actually just nice! Creamy and made with real mushrooms, mmm.

La Cantina: Mushroom Soup

A table-ful of starters. FYI it was quite dark since we were al fresco so it was really difficult to take photos. The al fresco facing the sea was really cool and chillax though! I love seafront dining :)

La Cantina: Starters

The warm grainy bread served with vinegar and olive oil (?).

La Cantina: Bread

Calamari! We had no idea they are so huge. The most disappointing among the line up, really. Too oily!

La Cantina: Calamari!

and now... for the SUPERSTAR of the night, Crabmeat Linguine!

As you can see it is a full plate of al dente spaghetti with tomato cream and crabmeat CHUNKS. When i say chunks, they are really big pieces of crab and not slivers of them. Definitely worth it. But it can get quite 'gelat' after a while for a small-tummied person so sharing would be ideal!

Looking at it is making me want to eat it again.

La Cantina: Crabmeat Linguine

My dear friend had a wild mushroom steak.. i think. In any case it was DELISH. the meat was tender and well flavoured and served with a generous helping of potatoes and mushrooms.

La Cantina: Steak

The plate made the food look like its colours are "running". haha!

La Cantina: Steak

Here's the crabmeat linguine up close. mmm.

La Cantina: Crabmeat Linguine 2

and finally for dessert after a tough time stuffing all that good food down -- a pineapple sorbet served IN the pineapple! it was uber refreshing and rather exotic i must say. and a grand dessert to top off a grand meal.

La Cantina: Pineapple Sorbet

Great dining place, great food and company.. looking forward to my next birthday already! ^_^

The emergency hotline for pasta craving is 6546 9190, which is La Cantina in Venezia's number. Hope you enjoyed looking through the food as much as I did!

La Cantina
1 Netheravon Road, #08/09-02 Changi Village Hotel, Singapore
+65 65469190
Mon–Fri/PH: 11am–3pm, 6pm–11pm, Sat–Sun: 11am–11pm

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