Europe Summer 2010 - Day 5 and 6

15 June 2010, Day 5 – Geneva Client Meeting

Next morning, had the same breakfast and checked out together with Grace by 10am. She went on her way to the train station while I took a cab to see our client and finally meet Alex and Michel, who are coming direct from the airport. It was a good meeting. We went for a nice lunch nearby at the town of Carouge.

-pics of lunch-

Back to the office, further discussions, before we end off at about 6+. Cabbed back to the city again, and this time we had to find out own accommodation instead of Michel’s apartment as planned as something cropped up. We had to check all the hotels nearby but they were all full! The ibis hotel that we first checked said they might have availability though, but will only know at 7. We should have stayed and waited but instead went around the city lugging our luggage all over only to meet with full bookings. That was tiring. Stopped to have a drink, got the good news and back to ibis we go. Nice room.


Freshened up and then it was out of the door again this time for a nice dinner. CHEESE FONDUE!!!! It had always been my dream to have that signature Swiss dish and apparently I had the luck to go to the best cheese fondue restaurant in Geneva – Café Soleil or something like that. It was tres awesome. You can taste the wine in the cheese at the sides of the tongue as the cheese engulfs your tastebuds in a cocoon of bliss. Mmmmm. Before that was an appetizer dish of dried meat as well as a glass of red wine that was really yummy.


And that concludes day 5.

16 June 2010, Day 6 – Wed Rest

The next day we woke up to the news of the Orchard Road flood as I checked my twitter feed at the hotel looby. The weather’s not that great in Switzerland either but we finally made our way to Michel’s very nice apartment that was situated convenient next to a tram stop. It was on the 4th floor and had this really small lift that has a manual door you have to open. Apparently that is a feature in French lifts as well. The apartment was really really nicely decorated with an African theme. It was really comfortable, and I especially love the rain showerhead in the bathroom. Too bad I did not take a photo!

We just regrouped that day and chilled out for a while, with clients coming over to the apartment. Switzerland won their match that afternoon and the whole street was honking! By evening, its time to head out to Michel’s wife’s place and we watched the live finale of the French version of American Idol called Nouvelle Star in front of the TV with some bread, cheese, wine and salad.


An interesting thing was how we got there – 3 people in a SMART car that is a two-seater. So I was sitting in the middle with the gearstick in between my legs. Haha. It was such a hilarious situation, Michel always makes any situation funny. Startup-style, that was called. Vroom vroom! Forgot to take a photo again!

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