Europe Summer 2010 - Day 7 and 8

17 June 2010, Day 7 – Thurs Client Meeting

Next day was bright and early meeting at another client’s office. It was again a good meeting, and we went for lunch just next door. This time the food was rather normal, but still good for someone who’s really starved for authentic European food!


After lunch we finished up the meeting and got back to the apartment. By then it was 7pm! Just went downstairs to the Road Runner for some gourmet burgers then, which was really quite good as well and apparently well-known. I have a penchant for junk food so burgers are totally fine by me.

Got back to the apartment and had to work on a presentation.. but we did that in front of the telly as France was playing against Mexico. And they lost, which got Alex swearing. Haha. Then it is off to bed for an early morning the next day, but not before I wrap everything up. By then it was 2am.

18 June 2010, Day 8 – Vallee de Joux

Ok this is really embarrassing, but I overslept. We were supposed to leave the house by 6.30am but I thought we were waking up at 6.30 so even though my alarm rang at 6.15 I was like oh, I can snooze, till 6.30am and Alex was standing at the door asking “Alexis, we are supposed to leave at 6.30 right?” Omg. So it was a mad rush but we got out of the house in 15 minutes. Quite a feat. Rushed to the train station, and managed to catch our 7.14am train, with some time to spare to get breakfast too. But we received a call halfway that we were to alight at this stop that we missed. So we alighted at the stop we were planning to alight at, and had to take a cab. This particular client was situated way up in the mountains! It was a really scenic drive up.

The meeting went well again as usual. Lunch was at their canteen which was super huge and had all kinds of food! I had a magerhita pizza.

-pics- it was super yummy!

Back to the office after lunch to continue on till about 6.30! Then we had a driver send us down. The twirling of the roads around the mountain got a bit much for me and I felt slightly sick but I was ok when we got back to our apartment and rested for a while. Again it was like 8.30pm when we set out for dinner.

This time round its for the best Italian food in Geneva, on the recommendations of Michel. We took a tram to the city center and found the place after walking around a bit.


It was a great dinner to round off the intensive week, really. Kind of like a celebratory reward for us and the work put in! We really did not have much of any R&R time during the 4 days so it was nice to just sit and relax and have some sparkling and red wine with our Italian food.

Took a brisk walk back to the tram stop after to digest a bit before going back to the apartment! Then it is bed time for me at 1.30am to wake up at 6.30am the next day to leave Geneva for Zurich again!

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