Europe Summer 2010 - Day 9

19 June 2010, Day 9 – Geneva to Zurich to St. Gallen

I OVERSLEPT AGAIN! Shit man. I remembered setting my alarm for 6.30am, but my alarm totally did not go off at all, or either it did and I cancelled it. I don’t know why! It was 8.30am. But this time it was not as big a deal, even if I did miss my 7.45pm train. And then, this is good. I got out of the house at 9.10 and bought a ticket to take the tram that takes me to the station to catch the 9.45 train. However I was so unlucky because there I was, tight for time, and the police had to do inspection checks on the tickets! I had mine in one of my pockets but I was searching everywhere for it and the officer said, “give me your passport. Get off the tram now.” And I had to do what she said. Two of us got off the train, and then I found my ticket while she was writing the other dude up and fining him for not buying a ticket. But I did! ARgh! So I had to wait for the next tram, and of course I missed my 9.45am train.

No matter. I bought the 10.14 train, but this time it was an indirect one that changes at Bern. I thought I had some time finally so I went to get breakfast from that awesome boulangerie. Guess what. I got to the platform at 10.14 just in time to see the train pull away from the station! FML.

Had to wait for the 1045am train then, which was the direct one, so actually the train will arrive just 10 mins after the one that I missed at 1014, so it wasn’t that bad. And I don’t have to lug my bags around to change trains. Ate my chocolate au pain at the station while waiting... and the fat fat pigeons were eyeing my pastry ok! I had to shoo them away and protect my pastry from their beady eyes. I was afraid they would fly into my face and just steal the pastry away, haha.

Uneventful train ride that stopped at Zurich. I am such a pro now at taking the train. Haha. Got there, and had to wait for my sibs as they were stuck in a jam in the rain! Bought a Beef Italia burger from macs while waiting as I had to try their local version of macs. It was only 3.90 francs, and surprisingly good! Bought one for Fe too, haha. Finally found the sibs and joined them in the car in the brutally cold weather. It was raining again! Miserable!

Long car ride back to St. Gallen. They could have in fact met me straight at St. Gallen as I found to my chagrin that my bro’s apartment is just opposite the train station! Argh. But no matter. Went grocery shopping at Migros! The boys went to buy Omar’s sausages which were damn good while I stocked up on chocs and cheese to be brought back. We then walked in the cold and I wanted to check out H&M, but it closes at 5! It was like 4.55pm. Sucks. Everything just closed so in the end we just went back to the apartment.

Dinner was researched and found, just 1.5km from us at Fondue Beizli! Yums.


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