lindsay lohan goes to jail

We interrupt regular programming to bring you a piece of unrelated news.

Lindsay Lohan is going to jail! 

(Just thought that this photo actually made her look quite good, plumped lips and all.)

In case you don't know, hollywood's most infamous party girl was sentenced to 90 days jail because of her various misdemeanors that includes driving under influence of booze and coke. However tmz reports that she will typically only do 23 days of actual jailtime. 

Watch the videos of her recorded court session, including her plea and crying here!

There was also further news that she might be sued for contempt in court because her 3rd fingernail had the words "fuck you" written on them. ok, that was seriously not smart, lohan.

But she's a pretty lass and Hollywood paps will miss her. We're waiting for the post-jail interview now.

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