Japanese Graffiti Series

One of my favourite music series to play when i was in symphonic bands, the melodic and pleasant japanese graffiti series. the tokyo kosei wind symphony is also like the default best band to play any of these songs. their music is always so precise, so japanese! Here are some of my graffiti favourites, reminisce with me ok?

Japanese Graffiti IV 4

One of my favourites, it incorporates familiar Hokkien songs that has travelled over to Japan to become folk songs in their culture too. Japanese-Hokkien fusion!

Japanese Graffiti V 5

Japanese Graffiti VI 6

Japanese Graffiti VII 7

So, of these 3, which is your favourite? Let me know!
  1. Me like them all!

    But i have the vote for "Japanese Graffiti V 5"


  2. @hongwei: haha nice yeah! :) have u heard them before elsewhere?

  3. hello alexis,

    i chanced upon your blog googling jap graffiti v. i know the tune belongs to that of an old old chinese song, but have no idea what's the song title. do you happen to know that? :p

  4. Hi .

    which ones are u referring to? The most familiar one inside will be the 路边一颗榕树下

    :) hope that helps!

  5. hi alexis, do you know where can i find japanese graffiti cds in sg?? i can find their other CDs but just not the japanese graffit series

    1. Hi, I have no idea where to find them! Good luck on your search. Otherwise, you can just collect all the mp3 and burn it onto a CD.