Fragrance ads are exactly like fragrances..

... they are inexplicable, ethereal, costs a bomb and star-studded. All of them just makes me go "?" after watching.

Here are the hottest 3 mini fragrance movies of summer/fall 2010, as reported by All video descriptions are taken from there.

"Famed French fashion and luxury goods house Chanel has brought on legendary director Martin Scorsese to help promote its new men's fragrance, Bleu de Chanel. Scorcese has made a sexy new commercial for the scent starring actor Gaspard Ulliel with a soundtrack by the Rolling Stones, firmly positioning it as a cologne for the young, cool, rich and beautiful – or those who think all that can be found in a perfume bottle in any case."

"Frank Miller, co-director of the super-stylish, ultra-violent 2005 film Sin City based on his neo-noir comics series of the same name, has produced a commercial for Gucci's new Guilty fragrance. The latest in a line of fashion label film collaborations, it comes on the heels of Martin Scorsese's video for Chanel's new men's fragrance that we wrote about the other day. The Gucci spot, set to debut Sept. 12, stars Evan Rachel Wood as a femme fatale with a passion for fast cars and handsome fellows, and a soundtrack by Friendly Fires. Done in the same black-and-white with slashes of color style as Sin City, the spot aims to position Guilty as the "scent of defiance". The perfume comes in a gold-colored container featuring Gucci's signature interlocking G's motif."

"Guy Ritchie's turn, directing a new movie/ad campaign for Dior Homme cologne starring Jude Law. The sexy little five-minute movie features Law at his dandified best, suit-clad and driving a curvy little convertible and cavorting with the lovely Michaela Kocianova."

So, did you go "huh?" too?
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