amazing bar food: stagger inn singapore

From my review on HungryGoWhere:

i can't believe i've never tried devil's curry my entire life, which is a bad thing since i must have missed out on years of good stuff, but also a good thing because my mind was blown clean away with this heavenly dish.

seriously this pub has the best devil's curry in town, with a homemade recipe that was handed down generations. apparently devil's curry does not have coconut milk like normal curry but instead full of spices. This was not spicy hot at all, but with enough of a kick for you to keep dipping that bread in.

we also tried the famous stagger inn burger with a beef patty so soft and tender it puts all the quarter pounders out there to shame. it was also a good manageable size. this is the sort of food you order after a long night out and you really really need a burger to chow down, but not just ANY burger. the fries were also unbelievably good. what magic goes on in the kitchen, really? elves, ponies, the swiss chef?

they have devils' curry night on some fridays, where it is free if you buy a drink, but with something as awesome as this i really don't mind paying on any other day. the grub is also pretty reasonable price-wise and the place has a really nice chillout vibe. perfect place to unwind.

Stagger Inn Bar and Bistro
25A Perak Road #01-03/04 Singapore (near Little India)
Tel: +65 8382 4582
Mon–Sat: 3pm – 1am
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