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So we finally had dinner at our friend's place.

Now that might sound like a casual statement, but it is not. Perhaps I am being dramatic. Perhaps it deserves the drama. But said friend is a very very serious food enthusiast and creator, and we have requested months before if we can go over and try his cooking. Visit his food blog (particularly this post on the Crab Ravioli) and you will know why. And the dinner date has been planned at least 3 weeks in advance. 6 of us (I'll like to call it The Breakfast Club cos we go for Sunday brunches regularly) consists of some primary school pals. I arrived late due to work, but luckily there was still food left! Imagine, I was the only girl at a table full of starving boys, so that was quite lucky of me..

Anyway, I'll introduce the chef's menu!

Here's the overview. Note that it is not complete, and this photo's a tad blurry due to my excitement.

WP's dinner 2

First up we have prawns with mango pomelo. It is really appetising and like the mango pomelo dessert, but savoury style!
WP's dinner 1

There was also clams with some sausage entree, but i did not take a photo of it. i also did not really eat it 'cuz i don't like shellfish, but the boys loved it.

As a side as well, the purple potato salad with peas. This is the carbo.
WP's dinner 4

The main star of the night - Nando's Chicken with peri peri marinate. Apparently it is easy to cook too, just gotta marinate the chicken in some of the bottled sauce and stick it in the oven! But such crispyness and juicyness! Someone should start selling these chicken.. oh wait, there's Nando's in Singapore already. but i've not tried it, apparently it is way more fried/cooked than this.

WP's dinner 3

Another brilliant dish -- the butter lemon corn cobs! how's that for a twist? the lemon really brings out the sweet and buttery taste. (lynette, you are missing out with your corn phobia!)

WP's dinner 5

Midway through the meal, the chef realized he forgot one more dish. Skewered chicken liver! i did not eat this though. The bowl at the side is the chicken drip juices (from the nando's chicken).

WP's dinner 6

Dessert was ice cream and lemon meringue pie!

That huge slab of ice cream you see there was the star of the table. Thumbs up! It is so brilliant, I don't know why nobody else thought of it! The chef just took regular vanilla ice cream, wait for it to soften a little, before adding PEANUT BUTTER and chopped almond nuts into the mix. Then stick it back to the freezer and take it out later to enjoy peanut butter with almond nuts vanilla ice cream. Ben and Jerry's take note!

WP's dinner 7

the lemon meringue pie is a little burnt and deflated but still ok! i want a blow torch too.
WP's dinner 8

We kept these cos we were so satisfied with the homemade ice cream and pie already!
WP's dinner 7


I think it is super amazing when people know how to cook, and how they can turn raw ingredients into yummilicious creations just inside of a home kitchen! I am also feeling tremendously blessed to have such a talented dear friend cook for the whole bunch of us :)
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  1. stop trivialising my corn phobia. it is a very serious phobia. CORN IS EVIL.