Lunchtime Discovery: Littered With Books

Chanced upon a magical place after lunch today! It was a new bookstore that opened only less than a month ago but I'm in love with it.

It is a quaint little bookstore called Littered With Books with nice solid bookshelves named appropriately. While it is not as rustic as Books Actually just nearby, it is more spacious and great for browsing at their well-curated books.

One of the most impressive things about this store is the PRICE. Most of their novels are $14.50 nett and they are brand spanking new ones, mind you. I cannot believe people are constantly being ripped off at Borders and Kinokuniya.

They have quite a few letter-pressed book covers too that j'adore.

There is also upstairs, which is even more charming! Overheard many times as people climb up the stairs, "oh i don't need to go back to work already."

The staircase on the right of the photo does not actually lead to anywhere. I like that.

One of the knooks.

Overall, I really love this place! Do visit it when you are in the area for some real, actual books with ink and paper in a great brick and mortar store ok.

Littered With Books
20 Duxton Road S089486.
12pm-8pm on Mondays to Thursdays; 12pm-9pm on Fridays
11am-9pm on Saturdays and 11am-8pm on Sundays.
Tel: 62206824
Their website is not ready yet.
  1. the irony - you don't read physical books no more no? :p

  2. partly, but only cos they are overpriced and takes up space! i like to browse though :D

  3. Littered with books is an awesome place to sit back relax with a book in your hand an a coffee cup in the other. A must visit for book lovers.

  4. Wow! Looks good. I will have to go there.

  5. Hi, I was at this very bookstore this afternoon. They wouldn't let me take photos of the place but I very much want to share this place on my blog. Is it ok if I take two or three of your photos, with your website still on the photos and you properly credited in my post? I will give you the link too.

  6. @ling: sure, it's my honour, please go ahead. looking forward to your blog post :)

  7. Thanks much! Here is the link:

  8. Terrible service at Littered with Books on Tues. 3 May 2011. I have been going to Littered with Books since they opened and liked the place. However, on Tues. 3 May 2011, I received the worst service ever and this has caused me to refrain from recommending them to any of my friends. The sign on their door said that they open from 11am to 7pm Tuesday to Sunday. I was at their doorstop at 11am, waiting for them to open. I waited 45 mins and there was no one there nor did anyone answer their bookshop phone (line not forwarded). At 10 mins to 12noon, I tried to call yet again and FINALLY someone picked up the phone and said that from May 2011, shop opens from 12pm. I asked why no sign on their door to inform customers? Another girl also came by and waited from 11.15-11.30am. Then, the bookshop girl took more than 15 mins to cash out the 9 books I was returning. All previous occasions when I take more than 10 books, it takes only less than 5 mins to settle for everything. With such horrendous service, this is my last trip to the shop ever. There are many other bookshops in more accessible areas that can meet my needs.

  9. @BSng: Wow, I'm appalled to hear that! What a horrible experience. I can so understand when such things happen, it makes me so angry.

    Thanks in writing about this, hopefully the store owners will notice this feedback, and other readers can see it too.

    I will also change the timings on my entry so other people will know!

  10. For anyone reading this, it has come to the attention of a few of us who frequent littered with books that Brenda Sng has been posting this message on every website and frankly I find this very hard to believe the truth of this.

    There must be another side to this as its quite clear from the tone that this is vindictive and targetted.

    Brenda has posted on sites only which have said great things about littered with books - one can only wonder why...

    I have frequented the store many times since it opened and the people have been friendly and really helpful. I went twice in the past couple of weeks and the service was excellent. They changed their hours and it was up on the website in advance so I don't know what Brenda Sng is on about. The time change was due to customers asking them to stay open later - read the facebook - its all there. Come on down again Alexis, i am sure you will find it as pleasant if not more so than the first time. Brenda, you need to say your piece but one wonders why you would be so focussed negatively against the shop... i guess no one would really care anyway.