my dj name is alexZ

decided to do a show and tell of some of the photos i have in my iphone!

first up, watched Buried in the cinema yesterday. It was innovative for sure, 1.5 hours of just one man (ryan reynolds) inside a coffin. the whole movie took place inside the coffin so there was just camera angles and nothing else. i had high expectations for it, but in the end it was a slight let down because the plot/script was still pretty typical, and jumpy.

We then went for dinner at Chikuwa Tei. It used to be Wasabi Tei at Far East Plaza, helmed by a grumpy uncle who turned less grumpy because they finally moved from that small hellhole to a proper restaurant. Their chirashi don was quite famous.

We ordered the Sashimi Moriwase set first. All the sashimi were really fresh and the right thickness. However that bowl of transculent small fishies are damn weird so we did not eat it.

Then the little mushroom filled chawanmushi. Very generous with the ingredients.

Next up the Codfish Claypot Set.

It was really fresh and the stock was sweet as well. Very yummy.

Then we finished it off with a Yuzu ice cream. It felt like a sorbet, very refreshing taste of the citrusy pomelo.

We then travelled to Robertson Quay to walk walk after dinner.. and had a 2nd round of dessert at Laurent Bernard Chocolatier.

I'm always damn impressed with soufflés and how people make them! This one was After 8 chocolate mint, and super nice.

I tried out my purple HIP l'oreal eyeshadow yesterday, mixed with my other shadows. I quite liked the effect :)

Visted the Digital Nights exhibit 2 weeks ago with Benoit, Garance and Xuan at the Singapore Art Museum. This is a pretty cool neon glowy shot.

Also checked out Papa Palheta coffeehouse coupla weeks ago. It's quite a walk from Newton MRT but its worth it. The place is really quaint and chill-out, and the owner/barista Marcus was really friendly! But i think word has gotten out, and people are flocking to it so its always crowded :(

After that we went to watch the movie Wall Street 2, and along the way saw the new School of the Arts (SOTA). It's such an impressive piece of architecture! Wall Street 2 was rather anti-climatic but still an OK piece of drama. I like Carey Mulligan in movies!

Always tried out the highly-raved 4 Fingers Bonchon Spicy Chicken recently. It's located in the ION basement. I did not try the spicy ones because i heard its really fiery, instead I had the soy sauce marinated one. To me its a bit too intense - the flavouring was laden with msg and salt, which did not infuse into the chicken meat itself. But a fun snack once in a while!

Pretty cool interior also.

I recently also tried 2D1N Sojubang's lunch set with a friend. It's really convenient as it's 1 minute away from my office and I can't believe we've not tried it before till now! Lunch set was 9.90 nett for my stir fried hotplate pork, with a free ice lemon tea, free mineral water, and 6 side dishes, and a soup. Not too bad! Friend's bibimbap was also up to standard. they are really korean so you know the fare is authentic.

Lastly, a parting shot of a Laurent-Perrier Champagne bottle treated with my Instagram iphone app :) download that if you have yet too and add me on it ok!

OK so in this blog post I've sorta reviewed 1 coffee place, 1 dessert place, 2 movies and 3 restaurants! How's that for multitasking haha.

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