My Food Sunday: Prata, Lei Cha & Skinny Pizza

I had quite a restful weekend, so now I feel ready to conquer the world and the many challenges that comes!

(I'm blogging this on my way to work actually. But it's as good a time as any no? actually some of these pics have already been tweeted by me but for the benefit of those without twitter, here are them again!)

Saturday was stay-home day, and I woke up at 2pm. Watched all the shows that I was backlogging like Big Bang Theory and Grey's Anatomy, finally. Having a day for myself feels lovely. Then in the evening, I went to meet Faith for a french film, La Fille Du RER. It was quite an uneventful movie. Did not enjoy it at all, other than the company of my dear friend. The quality of that film was in stark contrast to the opening film for the French Film Festival that I caught on Friday night -- The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec, which was really really good! It opens in Nov and I urge everyone to catch it then.

Not to mention, the lead actress is really really pretty.

I went for prata for breakfast with the pri sch buddies yesterday. it was the Sin Ming stall which has really really decent pratas. and they have the coin prata, something that is more of a novelty but very fun to consume.

Lunch was homemade Lei Cha Fan by my folks. I feel healthy eating the brown rice and veggies, its sort of like a Chinese salad of some sort, but really yummy.

Then it's onwards to town on a shopping Mission. I'm happy to report that it was a fruitful mission, so we award ourselves with dinner at Skinny Pizza. (OK actually I've just been meaning to try it for the longest time).

Here's the tomato soup that is very very sweet, with bits of cheese inside that tastes like what I would imagine socks to taste like. (Not that it is not nice!)

Then the truffle fries. Highlight of the dinner, star of the show. It is damn fucking good. Skip the ones at House@Dempsey, or the ones at PS Cafe. This is the bomb.

Finally the skinny pizza, butter chicken flavour. It was quite interesting, curry chicken with rocket leaves, tomato, bits of cheese and a really crusty thin base.

Service was a bit slow though but the meal was good. Got so stuffed by the end of it. I would recommend coming here for the truffle fries. The pizzas are just average, but still decent. I'm also curious about the other flavours!

And that was my food Sunday.

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