Hard Rock Hotel & Scott's Birthday Tea

One more blog post! Like I said I am on a roll...

So last Tuesday my sister had a last minute free room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Resort World Singapore, so off I went after work to go for a sleepover, since the next day is a public holiday! I love happy free coincidences like these, even if they are very last minute.

We drove in at 11. and here's the hotel lobby. Very clean, contemporary and funkyy. If you are a music lover this is the place to go with so many music related memorabilia.

The view of the pool area at night. We were so tempted to go in and explore but in the end just walked around to the piped music and closed shops. It is quite the dead town at night, only Toastbox was open.

And here is our room! It is Bob Marley Jimi Hendrix (thnx to the correction by @gurlstrange!) themed and has purple walls. I know of a certain Ms. Meah who would like that.
And the beds are HUGE. It can prolly fit 2 skinny people comfortably.

Love the guitar toiletries holder! I want one for my room too.

The rain bath in the shower is friggin-tastic. I want one for my future shower room for sure (and spend an hour showering every day).

Bed time! Did I mention I love hotel pillows cos they are so damn fluffy? Before that we watched the French film, Taxi by Luc Besson, which was really good.

And the next day we woke up to go down for a tan/swim at the gorgeous pool downstairs. They have artificial sand so it feels like a really clean beach. I think all hotel pools should have something like that.

The weather was gorgeous.

The pool had nooks and crannies that you can explore, an infinity pool and a jacuzzi pool.

Super fun! We had a great time tanning.

Pic of me at the pooool. We were sitting on deck chairs that was half submerged in the pool, so any time you feel too overheated you can literally roll over into the water to cool off.

And that was the end of a very short but cool staycation. Everyone should do that once in a while, I felt rejuvenated as if I went overseas :)

Following that, we packed our stuff and I went down to town to catch MEGAMIND in 3D with Scott and Dillie at Cathay!

Dreamworks seem to have a knack for coming up with innovative plot lines. The concept of good vs evil is extended further to explore the possibility of how bad can survive if good is not there. This one is particularly enjoyable in that sense, and the voice actors are really good (Will Farrell, Tina Fey and Brad Pitt!) but it lacks the 'cute' factor that Despicable Me have. The 3D action was really good though and it was Scott's virgin 3D experience too. Heh.

We then went to 1 Caramel just beside Cathay for tea with Ling, Colin and Weetz joining us. We ordered sooo much stuff but unfortunately that place is tiny and 7 of us were cramped into two tables. The waitress also spilled water all over some of us and broke a glass later on but well it wasn't her fault.

We had.. The salmon caesar salad (too salty).

Most of us had lattes. Scott had the birthday tea!

And now, with the cakes! We ordered an toffee apple cake. This is meh--.

The Lychee Rose cake was "a hit among the ladies". 3 of us at the table liked it, 3 didn't. 
Quite accurate :P I would say the taste is pretty interesting, it's a bit like eating rose perfume with a hint of lychee.

Also got a chocolate cake with fresh berries. This was good.

and finally.. the perennial hit of 1 Caramel, the Chocolate Slut.

It is a flourless chocolate cake that is so acclaimed it had people coming by specially for it. When we first tried to order, we were told apparently that "it will take 1-2 hours, sir."

"WHAT?!?" We all exclaimed. The waitress then explained that they have to bake it and its very popular also etc etc. Haiyoh. But we were determined to try it so we ordered it anyway, and it came 45 mins after so that's not too bad. But tip for those going to try, you need to wait.

We were not disappointed. It was really really good for a chocolate cake. It is chocolatey and had peanut butter and little crunchy balls inside! Might be a bit too rich if you order two of them though, which is what we did. Well, it is a joyous occasion.

It is also fun to order a Chocolate Slut. 
The waitress was like, "your slut is not ready yet" when we asked about it. and when it arrived, "here's your chocolate slut". naice.

And finally, we got the strawberry shortcake, another of its raved items! When we were first there it was out of stock, so we ordered the toffee apple instead but towards the end of our stay it popped up! And Dillie convinced us that it is not to be missed.

So we did not want to miss it. Again, we were not disappointed. The cake was light as air and the strawberry flavour is just right. 

To conclude the cakes we ordered (a total of FIVE!), I would say the Chocolate Slut or the Strawberry Shortcake would be all you need with a cuppa tea next time when you visit. All the rest could be given a miss if you want to save some calories!

Finally, here's the birthday boy Scott with Colin and the slut.

Ling who made it, and Scott! Woot woot!

Didn't manage to take pics of the entire table, which was a pity but suffice to say we had a great time there just chit-chatting over cakes and coffee while celebrating the 6th 21st birthday for a dear friend :)

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