The Sunday Where I Ate 3 Meals

I'll forever remember this day as the day I ate 3 meals on a Sunday. well, what's so special about that? it's special because all three meals are really.. meals. and typically i do not really eat breakfast, and lunch would be a really simple affair. so its rather notable that i had such a combination last Sunday.

First up, Hoe Nam Prawn Noodles for breakfast.

The Breakfast Bus came by bright and early and when we asked the 'bus driver' where to, he answered, "Macpherson". And since he's the driver he gets to decide where we go. Apparently this prawn noodle place is a perennial favourite and quite acclaimed, judging from all the press plastered on the three stalls that is the entire coffeeshop. Waiting time was a bit long though, so we had some ngoh hiang from opposite the shop. Peng blogged about it too on his food blog.

Here's the prawn biscuit thing they enjoyed. I do not really like prawn so I gave it a miss. The fried tofu and ngoh hiang below was quite good though. Photo taken by Peng.

Here's a photo from my iPhone of my pork rib noodles. To me its the quintessential bowl of prawn noodle, a de facto representative of a solid bowl of tasty pork prawn broth. But I did feel that I should choose the white noodles next time since the yellow ones are a bit overwhelming for the soup could have been just a tad thicker. The pork ribs were really well cooked and melted off the bone though.

(Btw I found out that my favourite food blogger, Dr. Tay from ieatishootipost have blogged about it too, all the way in 2006!)

River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodles
31 Tai Thong Crescent (Facing Jackson Centre)
6.30am to 4.30pm daily
Closed once a month on Mondays

Next, for lunch, Forty Hands at Tiong Bahru, 78 Yong Siak St

Following that, I then went to meet a friend for lunch. I've heard about Forty Hands from Papa Palheta actually and after seeing their website and several tweets on it, decided to go check it out!

We weren't disappointed. It was actually raining when we reached the place, but there was ample parking at the back of the little shophouse and we actually went in through the back door, right through their kitchen!

The place is very cosy and had great ambiance. It is a cafe/bistro where they serve all-day brunches, which is my favourite thing in the entire world. All cafes should sell brunches that involves eggs in some form or another :P

Do you know? It takes 40 pairs of hands to produce a cup of coffee from bean to drink. That's how they got the name for the place and you know they are serious about the coffee.

I had a latte. The taste was rather unique, even I could tell. (I'm not really a coffee connoisseur). 

We then ordered truffle fries. Because they are truffle fries.
They are quite good, but not really as drenched in truffle as the one at Skinny Pizza!

I ordered an eggs benedict.
I love the way the eggs are made and all the food's served in those really old school tin utensils!

Here's the Happy Meal :)
My friend had their salmon hash, which has a super addictive gravy sauce thing!

40 Hands Coffee
#01-12, 78 Yong Siak St, Singapore 6225-8545.
Website / Facebook


We then left the place and descended on Thomson Starbucks for my toffeenut latte (decaf!). It was so yums on a rainy afternoon.

Then it was back home, and after a short while, out I go again to Vivocity this time! Friend had suggested to go to Tung Lok Signatures for dinner as he had some vouchers for it, and I was thinking it's like Crystal Jade or some sort. Well I was partly wrong. Apparently its more No Signboard than Crystal Jade. But overall the food standard is pretty high since it is Tung Lok, branded and all eh..

The decor of the place was really quite nice too, very contemporary and plush.

So we tried to order more than a hundred dollars worth of stuff since we can get 50 bucks off if we do. So we did, without even really trying. Haha.

I saw someone eating this salted egg veg thing, and wanted to try! we didn't realise its SUCH a huge plate. it is enough for four!

The first thing that was served was the Peking Duck. It's really for fun to eat the skin with the crepe thing.

Then we had the rest of the half-duck. The meat. Goes well with the plum sauce!

And then we ordered a lobster with wasabi mayo for each of us. The round green thing in the spoon is actually a very pared down apple, with some mayo thing inside with a bit of lobster! Woah!
Lobsters are like giant prawns but you have an easier time eating the meat. Its already half peeled, yay.

We also ordered a piece of Japanese-style codfish, which is very fresh and delicious.

The Spread

To recap, we had one bowl of rice to share, a plate of salted veg, a lobster and codfish each, and half a duck to share. It was.. quite a lot. Didn't manage to finish the duck, codfish and veg so I brought them home or they will go to waste! It was also quite good value since we had the $50 off.

It is also a great place to go for a more 'upscale' family dinner since they serve all those 'zichar' dishes but in air con.

Tung Lok Signatures 同乐经典 (VivoCity)
Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk #01-57 VivoCity Singapore
Tel: +65 6376 9555


Thus that concludes my last Sunday. I felt sooo full after that I had to detox for a whole two days after! But it was fun to taste so many different new things of course since all three places are totally new for me. Now, to decide if I want to review all of them on HungryGoWhere...
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