Bangkok 3D2N trip

Merry Christmas everyone!

It's been such a great time just catching up with friends over meals. It had been a great coupla days to meet up.

I'll try to get those pics up so I can remember what i did this Christmas season, much like my posts last year (I had dimsum buffet and set up a flea market, and also went for xiao long bao buffet).

But for now, to catch up on backlog here's a post on my bangkok trip.

went for a short 3D2N trip to Bangkok last week! just a quick getaway to a nearby country...

woke up at 5am to reach at airport at 5.45am. that was a rather brutal start to a holiday, but you wanna get to the country bright and early!

me with scott, woots!

we stayed at a backpackers' hostel called Suk11 on Soi 11 Sukhumvit Road. It's such a cool hostel, I wanna go back and stay there again! Plus the room rates was so reasonable at 22 sgd per person per night!

The lobby is full of character. this is where the 10 baht/15 min wifi is located as well.

gotta climb up that flight of stairs to go up to the rooms!

the room is so clean and tidy, you won't feel like bed bugs are gonna munch on you at night!

After cleaning up and resting for a bit, its already 1.30pm and time to go out and find food. We were so hungry by then!

upon recommendation from my brother, we decided to lunch at bua restaurant at silom.
the pandan chicken and som tam are really good! the pad thai was a tad disappointing, but we had our fill finally.

we then proceeded to walk to platinum mall for some shopping, but the weather that day was super super unforgiving. it was so hot and humid, even worse than singapore! it felt like 36C with 99% humidity (there was even a slight shower after that made things worse).

platinum shopping was good though. then we met up and went outside to browse at all the stalls along the centralworld mall.

bought streetside food - superawesome grilled squid with spicy sauce
seriously, their streetside food is like.. magic.

OK so we were outside CentralWorld along the street stall stretch, when something "freaky" happened.

So we were waiting for some of them to finish browsing and we were standing along this empty area just after all the hustle and bustle. Further down is the overhead bridges and the Erawan Shrine, but its so strange cos it was so quiet and empty at where we were.

There was also the smell of sewage.

But while we were waiting, I decided to get everyone in for a shot with my iPhone. It was quite dark.

So i decided to switch on the flash. 

To my surprise, there was this reddish reflective glow to the photo! I thought it the flash reflected off my plastic bags.

So i decided to do a new shot, with properly held iphone this time. and i also made sure there are no dust particles on the lens/flash.

But the same thing happened again! this time I thought, it must have been my flash that's spoilt, since I fell down with the iphone bearing some impact just 2 days before.

I was super sad that my camera flash was not working.

To be sure, I tested it again on a random shot.

The same thing appeared! This time brighter and in a different shape.

So what can it be? It's so strange, but I didn't think much about it. It was only back at the hostel when we were cleaning up for dinner when I thought to try out the flash again while waiting.

So I took a photo of my knee wound from my recent fall. it's a bit disgusting.

BUT! the important point is that my flash is working perfectly fine! I was so surprised. I did another test shot with flash, and it was also good. In fact, it never had that same problem again subsequently...

So what can it possibly be? When i was describing that and showing the photos to the rest of the girls, PL mentioned that she actually did think of the paranormal when I showed them the failed shots there, but she kept quiet then. The room gave a collective goosebumps as we tried to think of what it can possibly be...

But I am not really bothered by it. Nothing happened to my camera flash, that's the most important.

We went for a really really delicious dinner at Suk11's restaurant after. It was really super duper good and not that expensive, while the service was excellent. The omelette (top row middle) was especially yummy.

Oh but I was SO sleepy by dinner time i was floating along. We had dinner at 10pm thai time, which was 11pm Singapore time. Imagine that I was awake from 5am, and only had 3 hours of sleep before that. After dinner, i followed the rest for a foot massage, before going back to the hostel for some much needed zzz.

The next day, woke up feeling way more refreshed and ready to sightsee & explore! It was also a pleasant surprise when we came out that the air was about 26C, just like in air condition! In fact I thought it was someone's door left open, but no that was the real open air.

Had a small breakfast before starting out. Really like this hostel a lot.

We then went to see the Grand Palace, the Emerald Buddha and the Reclining Buddha. They are all along the same area so we went in with our taxi driver/guide.

People like to take photos with guards.

The magnificent reclining buddha. it was really impressive, even if its the 2nd time i've been.

After that morning excursion, it's time to head to backpackers' haven and the area made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio's The Beach -- Khao San Road.

It has in fact changed a whole lot since the last time I visit in 2004! But the stalls selling stuff are still there, just its a lot more clean and upmarket now.

We were once again starving. Refuel time!

We just picked a pub/bar and sat down for some Thai food. The street food will be for later.

I love Thai iced tea by the way. I kept ordering it while I was there.

My green curry with the adorable bear rice! I want all my future rice dishes to be served in shapes.

Shopping was good. Even Ronald says sawadeekah.

We then went back to our hostel and prepared to go out. The dress code is more chic tonight.

Scott is all dressed up and ready to partayyy!

 We had a great dinner at The Face just laughs and revelations. It was their Japanese menu.

After that, we went to Bed Supperclub which was just 3 min walk from our hostel! wow. and its so amazing that it costs 1000 baht to go in (incl 2 drinks). That is like 45 SGD, I've not paid that amount to go to any Singapore club before even!

Had a good time partying but was soo tired, when we got back to the hostel I didn't even bother packing before showering and just concussing at 3.30am.

7am next morning and we are out of the door. That means waking up at 6.15am!

Then it is bye bye Bangkok.

See you again soon!
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