bedtime post

posting this right before I shut my eyes and drift to a world that is unknown to me.

I wish Singapore's weather can be like this all year round. this is the reason why December is my favorite month because it's just cooler. 22-28 deg temps for 365 days please and I won't even complain about the humidity. well guess we just have to wait for the weather to get really extreme, and we can have temperate countries' seasons instead of monsoons.

been busy with so many things that I've been neglecting some of my other joys! but I will eventually find time for them. I still have Tokyo part 3 to complete.

meanwhile we have edouard and indre from our france office here for a visit and we had fun taking them out to see Singapore! we become natural ambassadors for stb. for me I would like to show any foreign guests all the fun things to do in sg and also most importantly all the good food we have in our country. it is also so interesting to share about our countries and cultural differences.

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