bursting with innovation

This thing, the Internet webby thing, is very cool huh. Been catching up on my Google Reader and I'm simply blown away with all the new innovations and stuff that are flying past at lightning speed.

It seems also that the Internet titans are the ones taking the lead on the Best of 2010 end of year recap that everybody does when we feel all shocked at how fast the year passed by and 2011 is suddenly upon us and its time again for new year resolutions and new hopes and dreams.

We have Google Zeitgeist, and the recently announced Youtube Trends with the top videos of 2010 (double rainbow guy is the most baffling, justin bieber the most annoying). Then there is Twitter: Year in Review, the original pioneer of what's #trending.

The coolest innovations currently also centers around the Chrome Web Store, which seems a very natural idea to spawn from Google the all-empowering after their Chrome browser rocked everyone's world (including the RockMelt Chrome-based browser that was all the rage a few weeks back). Check out Mashable's listing of the top 10 chrome apps. Most of them feel like glorified bookmarks for now though.

There is also Sliderocket for presentations, Grooveshark for music (been using it to do my DJ thang in the office), Viddyjam (a Pandora equivalent using Youtube videos) and PostPost for Facebook (Flipboard for FB in browsers, read mashable article on it here).

Also downloaded Reeder for Mac but have yet to try, and Feedsquares for Chrome. The latter is fun, but not as light as Reader which i will still be sticking to.

Then there are memes like the Social Awkward Penguin.

It's hilarious! and thus ends this post.

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