Christmas Festivities 2010

Woots, its been a crazy past few weeks with people, meals and gatherings. Its like having the holidays for my soul, but work for my digestive system.

Last Thursday, we had lunch with an ex-colleague who came by to visit. We went to The Plain at Craig Road again!

Here's the other side of the table. I am laughing like that because Inez had super funny eyes when she's trying to take the photo, haha!

Vincent the owner graciously treated us to brownies, so nice of him! I used PhotoTreats iPhone app to give it a festive snowy effect.

I then had dinner with my bestie zq at Holland Village that night. Tried chicken feet for the first time. Nice marinate, but not something I'll crave for, haha.

Always good to meet up with my bestie!

On Christmas Eve Friday, we had a small celebration in the office when we had half a day off! So scott and peiling got us some cupcakes and wine! It was fun.

On that christmas eve night, I met up with my NJ band mates. They came over to my house for dinner and we had fun playing wii! I liked doing simple things like that, no fuss, no squeezing in town. just friends and fun.

On Christmas day itself, I went for brunch with my primary school classmates and had the most awesome abalone noodles ever. Read about the food review separately!

On Christmas evening, I met up with a friend for dinner and had a lovely time. We made pasta and awesome caesar salad :P 

On Boxing Day, I met up with my primary school band mates for lunch at Ivins the peranakan/nonya cuisine, and had ice cream after at Ice Cream Chefs at Upper Thomson. New ice cream haunt for us to go next time!

The shop decor is really cool and contemporary.

Here's the shot I took.

Another shot taken by Vanessa! (I blend into the surroundings)

Ice cream chef was awesome. My flavour was super good, creme brulee with fizzy cola (remember magic dust? that one!).

They also took a photo of us to print out so we can stick it on the board using a photo printer. And we get to decorate it. So initially we only wrote the date...

But something really hilarious happened. jm suddently received a call.. and it was from wenli. Apparently she got stuck in the toilet because the door was jammed! they gallantly rendered help and she was freed.
So we edited that photo to commemorate the event. Heh.

And here's the shot taken with jm's DSLR. Yay, another successful gathering!

And thus ends the weekend of Christmas festivities. For this week, met up with the uni mates for dinner on Monday at Spicy Thai-Thai Restaurant, went home early before 8 on tues (for the first time in what felt like months), and met up with leenette yesterday for tzechar dinner and koi bubble tea.

Going to be the New Year soon. Half day again tomrrow on NYE, and then it's the countdown and weekend. Can't wait!

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