Food Review: Lam's Abalone Noodles

Was driving around Jalan Besar on Saturday looking for a brunch location when our friend commented that the noodle place there, *he points*, is nice. OK! Let's go then.

So we went! It is called Nam's Abalone Noodles (阿南鲍鱼面) and apparently they even have franchises in China and 2 other branches somewhere (i think). it was not so busy that day since it was Christmas morning, but there was a steady crowd of customers nonetheless.

The guys ordered some side dishes, while I asked for a bowl of their most famous dish. The side dishes were super good and a great accompaniment to the main. Let the pictures do some talking.

This was the sio bak, and yes, it tastes as good as it looks.

It was not too dry, and the skin had a nice crunchy texture. The mustard was also quite the classic. Beautiful presentation as well. $8.

Also had a fish cake. This was alright, fish cakes don't really have anything special.

Then came along a heavyweight -- The abalone soup. This tiny pot costs $8. But when we took away the garnish and scallop, you can see the ingredients inside and know why it costs so much. It had chicken meat that melts off the bones, dried scallops, a big piece of fish maw and wolfberries. Pretty sure there are other ingredients too.

The soup was just amazing as well. It was just so infused with goodness and flavour. It's the type of luxury you would want after a clubbing session and you'll immediately feel rejuvenated. Or the type of soup Cantonese mothers make for their exam-studying sons. Whichever, it was really a superstar.

The wonderful double/triple boiled soup was also stored in this giant vat, simmering and just waiting to come out of the belly of the vat. Charcoal fired, can you see?

Pretty impressive for a bowl of soup.

The three side dishes, family shot!

Then there was the noodles. This was my friend's ba chor mee without vinegar (preference). 

And finally, I had their Abalone Noodles. Major rave alert here!

It was so so so good. I can't believe I missed out on this for all these years! There was only 1 type of noodles, the skinny yellow type (mee kia) and it was coated with this gravy sauce that was so thick and well-balanced with the lard and chilli. The scallop was more for show (no taste, just boiled), but the abalone on a stick (looks like fondue) was really tasty and juicy. It is not tough like most abalones! And I cannot believe I just had some abalone for $6. Basically just the perfect bowl of ba chor/abalone noodles when the sun, moon and earth conspire to overwhelm your tastebuds with goodness. Everything in the bowl was just in harmony.

The soup was also a milky broth which we suspect was made from meat bones. and probably the first base for the abalone soup masterpiece.

Definitely going back when I have a noodle craving!

Lam's Abalone Noodles and Soup
Address: 460 Race Course Road, Singapore 218700
Tel: +65 6398 1154
Opening Hours: Daily: 2.15pm – 10.30pm (Closed on Mon)
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