Food Review: Spicy Thai - Thai Restaurant

"It's not on the Internet", I told Scott.

At least, it wasn't listed on HungryGoWhere and there seems to be only 1-2 mentions on Google if you search really specifically. But to our surprise, it was on Foursquare. *Gasp!* Well with a name like "Spicy Thai - Thai Restaurant" it is kind of difficult to stand out online since the name is so descriptive. But hey, I am doing my bit to let people know about this awesome thai food place at Dickson Road.

It is located beside the new swanky Wanderlust Hotel and it is this dingy coffeeshop with back alley sitting. I first heard about this place from Tim, who worked nearby and told us that the Tom Yam there is seriously no joke when it comes to spice levels. Apparently the chefs from Cocotte eat there too so you know it is not too bad. So I was intrigued, and seeing the dingyness of the place just makes me want to try it out more, because we all know that good food comes from dirty places. As long as you do not end up with food poisoning, that is.

Tried to find the exact address of the place, but all I can say is it is beside 2 Dickson Road (cos that's Wanderlust's address).

Here's a Google Streetview. The red and blue small signboard there says Spicy Thai.

We were famished when we reached there last night at 8pm for dinner.

We ordered a clear tom yam soup (normal spice level) and a plate of kailan. The kailan was quite nice.

And of course the best dish on the table would be the tom yam soup. It was wayy too spicy (for me, fine for the rest) and it was filled with very fresh seafood. The prawns were crunchy! And because it is clear, you know that the flavourings came from the ingredients they packed the soup with and not cos of chilli powder. It had all the leaves and lemongrass and brown ginger herbs. Very very appetizing and satisfying to have it, just with some plain rice.

We also got a plate of pad thai. It was a bit wet and too sweet for j-en, but this is how they cook it in Thailand (sweeter than Singapore's). It was quite delicious in my opinion.

The only fail item of the dinner was the pandan chicken. Too dry! Stay away from ordering this, you want pandan chicken, get it from Ah Loy Thai at Shaw Tower (cheap and good thai food).

The pineapple rice was fragrant and well-flavoured with generous topping of floss.

And lastly a plate of minced chicken. I always order this basil chicken with rice and an egg when I am at Maxwell cos it's one of my favourite thai dish. This is also very well done. Yummy.

It was also quite economical, for all that we ordered (tom yam soup, pad thai, pineapple rice, 1 white rice, pandan chicken, minced chicken) the bill came up to only 12 bucks per person. Definitely recommend it if you are around the area and looking for adventure. Ask for the really spicy pot of tom yam if you dare..

After that you can douse the flames by going to Stagger Inn just up the road at 25A Perak Road for a refreshing glass of Brothers lemon pear cider. Sounds like a good plan right?

Spicy Thai Thai Restaurant
1-3 Dickson Road, Singapore
Beside Wanderlust Hotel
  1. Looks good...have seen it a few times when I was eating at Cocotte that this place looks crowded. Will try. Any idea if they are open for lumch?

    1. no, seems like its open from 6.30pm-4am. they are very back alley dining style.
      I do think their thai food is NOT the best i've had though so don't get your expectations too high. Orchard Towers/Ah Loy Thai probably have better ones. Also I heard there's one at Golden Mile..