Bubble Tea Review: Koi Green Tea Macchiato

2017 Update: Read about my review of Gongcha's replacement, Li Ho in this blog post.
2016 Update: For a true tea taste in your bubble tea, check out Yuan Cha (available in Bukit Panjang Plaza and Far East Plaza).

I had the most fun and best KOI drink yesterday evening. At the risk of sounding too overly dramatic and exaggerating, i was totally blown away by the taste and innovative way of drinking that beverage from the hugely popular bubble tea craze cult leader, KOI Café.

(Btw, do you know that KOI turned sideways actually becomes "dou" 豆 in mandarin? - This factoid told to us by nette somemore, who is well-known for her grasp in Mandarin. Mindblown.)

The drink I tried last night was introduced to me by Leenette, a huge KOI fan. It is called the Macchiato and there are two flavours -- Green Tea and Black Tea. At first I was skeptical when she told me that its tea with a layer of cream on top, because I've tried the Alisan Milk Tea from Gong Cha which was something like that, and it tastes horrible (the milk taste is overpowering and thick). And I also thought that macchiato is a small expresso drink. Apparently you can now name your drinks however you want and a coffee can be tea.

But since Scott also raved about the macchiato, I decided to give it a try! At $2.10 a cup, it is also KOI's cheapest drink on their menu.

Apparently there are supposed to instruct you on how to drink, but I didn't get any verbal instructions. There was instructions on a board though. My interest was piqued. No straw, no bubbles, there's a knife instead?

This was my green tea macchiato with the plastic knife. I find it a bit environmentally unfriendly that they give individually packed small plastic blades to people just to slit a small hole in the lid, after which the blade is totally useless. They should ask if the person wants to consume the drink immediately, and they can slit the hole for you with 1 knife.

But it was a novelty, and it was fun. I had the shop person help me cut the hole in case it explodes in my face if I do it.

The first sip you have of the drink will be PURE HEAVEN. It reminds me a bit of drinking the $15 royal milk tea from tokyo, because the creamy foam was so light and fragrant. It was sweet. Tilt back more and you can get the green tea to mix with the cream.. so it becomes sinful, yet refreshing at the same time. How can that be? Mmmm.

We also concluded that basically its a green tea ice cream float, without the actual "ice", so it's like melted ice cream on top of tea. The flavours enhance and brings out each other. The person who invented this is very clever!

I think this is my favourite drink from KOI from now. What about you, which is your favourite bubble tea flavour and shop?

  1. this is my favourite too!! tried it today, did a keyword search and found your blog hahaha -andrew

  2. my fav too. and Alisan Milk Tea from Gong Cha.. yuck it is really horible. this is still the best. now im craving for it