some of my favourite things

Saw a facebook post and decided to do a few listings of some of my favourite things on a completely random and irrational basis.

1. Bagel with cream cheese

Photo by vanessa of happyhighfashion blog.

I developed a taste for bagels when I went to UCLA for summer studies in 2008. They have loads of it at the dining hall and tastes so heavenly, along with their pizzas and Lucky Charm cereals.

2. ickle & Lardee

how can teeth be so cute? every time a new post comes out on the blog, i am happy.


i cannot help ROFL-ing at all the things the iPhone autocorrects. this is the Q4 FML meme, guys. view the top ten here.

4. Starbucks Singapore Christmas Drinks, specifically Toffee Nut.

i am nuts about the toffee nut limited edition flavoured starbucks. it also means that christmas is here!

5. December in Singapore

Like i mentioned in my previous sleepy post, I love December in Singapore. it is the only month where living here is actually enjoyable to a certain degree because of various reasons:

a. cooler weather (rainy 25 deg nights are bliss)
b. christmas decorations in orchard
c. holiday sales
d. more relaxed workload (theoretically)
e. meeting up with friends for christmas!

Photo from this blog.

I can feel the holiday mood descending upon us! if only singapore is just 50% less crowded it will be so perfect.

I'll leave you with a bonus photo of a cute kitteh. because the internet is ruled by cats and they are TOO adorable.

  1. Haha, lovely list. I like damnyouautocorrect too.

    In the Philippines, apart from the holiday coffees, there's an annual Starbucks Planner give-away too. You get a planner in exchange for a certain number of stickers. These planners tend to be really well-made (you may have seen mine around the office before?). This reminded me of an article I wrote about it eons ago in my school paper:

    And this year's planners look like these:

    Anyway, I miss y'all. I've talked to Scott, and when I visit in January, we'll all go for dinner, drinks and a movie! :)

  2. @Clarence: i saw your planner! too bad they don't have it here in SG, all they have are not so nice tumblers. I'm lemming for the white porcelain one that I saw in HK airport but i think it will take 5 years for it to come to SG.

    and we miss you too!!! dinner drinks movie sounds excellent. meanwhile i've been following ur blog/tweets on mastricht. stay warm!