ZoukOut 2010 Singapore!

I HAVE to blog about this because it is my first ever ZoukOut this year. Moreover it was the 10th anniversary of this annual beach party at Sentosa organized by Zouk and they got David Guetta and Tiesto to spin at it. When I heard that Tiesto was playing, I made the decision that i HAVE to go this time round because its such a rare opportunity. Then I found out that David Guetta was playing too, which was a huge bonus. We were even joking before that the only way it can be more awesome is if Guetta is also spinning, which he did!

So we made plans.

Booked a hotel room at Resorts World Sentosa at a discount ($220 for the night!). It was at Hotel Michael, an art-deco inspired hotel. It wasn't too bad, but I much prefer Hard Rock over this as I feel that the decor is a bit 1980s Las Vegas.

Here's some pics of the room if anyone is considering staying there.

We thought it was pretty odd that they kept the kettle and ice cooler in the cabinet. 

The toilet is quite nice (sorry for the blur shot!)

No free wifi in the room, but I have 3G tethering on my iPhone! we chilled here from 4pm onwards till about 8pm, just relaxing talking and watching cable tv. (amazing race asia!)

Then we went for dinner and took a stroll around the premises as well. Its quite festive, that festive walk.

Then we got back to the room after meeting Scott, and got ourselves ready!

They said I look completely different because I put on lashes, makeup and contacts. Lynette also helped to braid my hair.

Are you ready for the transformation?


OK sorry I'm just not used to seeing myself like that.

Here's me with Lynette. I have censored out her boobs cos this is a PG-13 blog. 
OK i just don't want people to have nose bleeds. Her boobs are awesome!

And here's Scott, who rushed here after his friend's wedding. this dude has been awake since 5am!
Looking pretty fine for someone who is quite sleep deprived.

And here's the 3 of us.

The party was super awesome. We had a trying time trying to get to the tents with all the people walking to it, and the light drizzle at 1am, but we made it in the end with the skies clear. Time to party!

Survived on red bull vodka the entire night. Tiesto was so good. I took a video, have a look.

It was crazy! I thought it will be messy, sweaty and sandy, but turns out everyone was quite civilized and the sand was not too bad with flipflops (partying in flipflops is a super comfy style!). There was also a gentle breeze after the rain that helped to cool things down.

There were even fireworks, and giant balls in the crowd. And I found ONE clean porta-loo after being traumatized by the other one at the other side of the beach. Not too bad for a 4am pee.

Here's 2 more pics of me and my lovahhh. (wait, we are not lesbians).

....and that's all folks! did you go to zoukout and enjoyed it?

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