The 2010 Year in Review

Woke up to my mum's homecooked mee siam and otak-otak which were both really delicious. Then I came to my computer and read a few 2010 blog posts and tweets, because oh hello 2011 you are here!

I am also inspired to do my own end of year post so I can look back and remember how I ended the year, and also note down some of my thoughts for the past 365 days.

2010 was yet another year of growth for me, in a different way. In 2009 I graduated and worked in a experiential events company for half a year. I learnt a lot, and graduating also means being let loose in the big bad world and to make it on your own. But in 2010, I joined my current company eYeka in January and was so lucky to be given so many opportunities and chances to work in a dynamic and fast-paced company. I was given responsibilities that I learnt how to manage and mistakes were learnt from and forgiven. There are times when I doubted myself and my abilities but at the end, I felt like I have given my very best at all that I did and I am proud of my achievements in the company. Career-wise I am full of hope for 2011 as it will be a very very interesting year indeed as we grow together.

Also met some really fun people in our company. Here's some of them! Some have moved on, but I will also treasure the times spent working alongside them.

I also started learning French in March and have reached elementary level 5. I will complete the entire elementary course by end of February with E6. I really love the language and learning about it just gives me more insights to the culture as well. Parlez-vous Français? Oui!

2010 was also the year that I went to Europe for a work trip + a little bit of a holiday. I am really grateful to be given the opportunity to travel and see the world and I can finally add a pin to that part of the world.
I was travelling by myself for a while. It was.. liberating.

Watched the World Cup (Italy vs Australia) in the Italian part of Switzerland.

Travelled with my siblings!

In November, I had the chance to go to Tokyo for a holiday and meet my beloved friend, wing.

Went to Bintan for 2 days of relaxation in December.

I also went to Bangkok for a short trip in December.

So surprisingly, I had travelled to Switzerland/France, Tokyo, Bintan and Bangkok this year. Not too bad for 2010!

I also started yoga in end of 2009 and gave it up in February or March 2010. However it was a worthwhile experience to learn about the philosophy of yoga and also how it works for the body. It was just something that I felt did not make as big a difference to me as it should. Perhaps in 2011 I should consider another form of sport?

Another pleasant surprise had been my blog. This is the year when I actually consciously blog about things, people, food (maybe a bit too much). And I had a target to get 1,500 blog hits for the month of December. Well, guess what I saw when I checked Google Analytics just now?

1,647 visits! Yeah! I am averaging 60-70 hits a day and it won't be possible without YOU my dear readers! (and people who searched for weird stuff on google and landed on my blog, heh).

So career and travel was really just great this year. And I am thankful that my family and friends are all healthy and well. Even with my best friends rux and wing overseas, I am patiently waiting for their return, and also enjoying the return of my friend nette.

I also strengthened and maintained my relationships with some of my old friends. They made 2010 fly by. There was the breakfast bunch, the old primary school band friends, the jc band friends and my jc classmates. Not forgetting my uni friends and my best buds. They all continue to light up my life, as cheesy as it sounds, as we go through adulthood together. Special shout out to Scott who has been my work spouse and has seen me daily for about 70% of 2010.

And lastly, I spent New Year's eve last night out at the east side with a dear friend. We went for dinner and then walked and drove around, before waiting for the top 98 songs to count down to the New Year. It was fun to predict which are the top songs of 2010 according to Power 98.

And the number one song was rightly predicted to be.. Lady GaGa's Bad Romance!

There weren't any fireworks this year, but I had my share of those previously and was really just happy to spend this year at some place quiet. New Years were not really celebrated by my friend because it was seen as a restarting of the whole cycle again. There seems to be no progress and you're starting all over. But I like to usher in the new year outside because to me it is a celebration of new hopes and resolutions to be better.

I also liked Clarence's blogpost and this particular paragraph on the new year:
The New Year has always been seen as a new beginning. An overused cliche, I must say because we do not necessarily start anything new, we simply continue. We discard what is unnecessary, fix what is broken and keep up what works out well. So friends, I will not be wishing you good luck. Instead, I will tell you to discard, fix and keep it up. Most importantly, take risks while at it. Do something that makes you a little nervous because only mediocrity dwells in comfort zones.
And thus ends my very long 2010 blog post that sums up more or less the entire year. To go into them in more detail you can refer to my individual blog posts :P

And I don't do New Year resolutions, except to want to be a better person and hopefully learn to love. Wish me luck!
  1. Happy New Year Alexis! I wish you more travels! But alas, you're still young so you need not hurry (I talk like a grandpa, I know. I apologize). You will eventually find someone who deserves a good girl like you. ;)

  2. Ok, I'm feeling a bit stalkerish leaving you so many comments but I chanced upon your blog while googling "littered with books" and I feel like I'm reading my own blog!! And it's freaky because I learnt french too! J'ai appris francais a alliance francaise mais j'ai arrete parce que je n'ai pas de temps! High five! I'm going to bookmark your blog now, nice read!