Food Review: Pizzeria Mozza at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

I likened my interest in reviewing food to the interest of my friend in reviewing movies. However, the difference is that I enjoy posting up a review after eating especially if I enjoyed it. Said friend does it so he can get more movie invites. I don't get any free food from doing my reviews, but I genuinely like to share with my readers, so here you go, one more!

I went to the Pizzeria Mozza at Marina Bay Sands last night as my friend read about it on 8 Days and wanted to try it out. And since I am a huge fan of pizza and mozzarella, I was of course excited as well. This pizzeria is part of the Mozza chain that originated from Los Angeles, California.

It was quite a long walk but we finally reached the restaurant. It was very busy on the pizzeria side. If you turn left at the entrance you will get the Ostoria Mozza, which is the more high-end half of Mozza. We also noticed that the bulk of the crowd are all tourists.

The cutlery was kept in a very cool envelope with a rectangular postcard inside. You can keep those and write a letter to a friend! Quite innovative.

We ordered the mozza caprese ($14) for starters. I read about this on the Travelling Hungryboy and had to try it out for myself. I am huge fan of tomatoes and cheese!

The caprese did not disappoint. The mozzarella is actually freshly made at Mozza, and the tomatoes on top are like little bombs of intense flavour that bursts in your mouth. Couple that with the soft and creamy mozzarella that has a herb-ish dressing and you've got yourself a signature.

Next up, the mains. Have I mentioned that I really like pizza?

The placemat on the tables had little factoids about pizza making on mine and Italian inventions on my friend's.

Took this shot using Instagram.

We ordered the prosciutto ham pizza ($22-25). It took a longer than average time for it to be served. We attributed it to the busy crowd and the fact that they have to make it from scratch. It could be improved on though, it probably took about 20-30 mins for it to arrive!

The wait was worth it though. The pizza had a thin base but a thick chewy crust that is quite delicious. The ham was also fresh and the combination of the ham and rocket leaves is divine. Below it is a layer of tomato sauce. Very simple, but satisfying.

Definitely want to try the rest of their pizzas on the menu!

Next up, desserts! Or dolci, in Italian.

We were presented with the menu. And we didn't know what most of them meant. Resorted to Googling until the friendly waiter came and we just asked him to explain all the dishes. The service there was really good by the way. The waiters are all attentive and helpful, and one even offered to help us take a photograph.

In the end we ordered the Gelati ($13) in rum & raisin, pistachio and stracciatella. The last one is a cheesy flavour with chocolate chips. We were intrigued.

The rum and raisin was VERY rummy. It was like eating frozen rum shots, its even rummier than the Rum Rum Raisin from Udders! I quite liked it. The pistachio flavour was also very strong. My friend likened it to grounding up pistachios into a paste, and to add some cream inside. The stracciatella was the most normal despite its name, it just tasted like chocolate chips in vanilla ice cream actually. No cheese flavour.

It came in quite a huge cup, but actually after it arrived and we tasted all I was a bit disappointed because you can get a good cup of tri-flavoured gelato elsewhere for half the price.

The caramel copetta was however, another story.

It came just slightly after the gelato. Apparently the waiter said it's 2 scoops of caramel ice cream on a wafer bed with marshmallow sauce and salted peanuts. When I took a mouthful of the caramel ice cream, it transported me to another dimension. The burnt sugar taste was so enhanced by the creamy smooth texture of the gelato. They also drizzled extra caramel syrup over it.

The salted peanuts were also very very interesting. I've never tried a dessert like this before! The salty peanuts actually enhanced the flavour of the ice cream and balances with the sweet of the marshmallow, which is also very nicely molten.

If I was writing a movie review, I would say that the Caramel Copetta is like the climax of the show.
Delizioso! My dessert advice is to skip the gelatos and go straight for this. Though the others also looked interesting, I wanna try them too!

Conclusion? Try out this California pizza joint if you are around the area and feel like having something new. The prices are also reasonable if you don't order a thousand items and share the pizza (it's enough!). They apparently also offer Italian wines below $100. The Marina Bay Shoppes are also really fun to walk around with and there are less people there during weekdays. I know I am definitely going back.

Pizzeria Mozza
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
#B1-42-46 (Across from the Theatre)
12pm - 12 Midnight (Closed on Mondays)
Website / LA Website
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  1. omg! i love Mozza! i had it in LA and it was awesome! can't believe they opened in SG, so jealous!. i'm so gonna go next time i'm there :)

  2. Nice review...better join this food review contest for a chance to win a hotel stay in Singapore

  3. that pic of the caramel copetta looked soooo good!! I'm heading there this Friday and can't wait to review the place. ;)

  4. I went there yesterday night.
    Food is ridiculously overpriced.
    Pizza is the worst ever, the dough is hard and chewy and the sauce seems some precooked pasta sauce. I wonder how they can call themselves pizzeria.