Makeup Review: What eyeliner should i get?

I got a new eyeliner the other day that I was super pleased with, so I've decided to do a blog post on all my favourite eyeliners!

First up, pencil eyeliners. My perennial favourite that I've been using since the beginning of time has to be Revlon's Colorstay eyeliner. It is fuss free and great for the waterline as well. Never left my bag. It also does not smudge until after a very long while, totally waterproof!

The new liner i got the other day was a liquid one. I tried Revlon's Colorstay liquid liner, but I didn't like it because it was too.. watery. I first read about this K Palette 1 Day Tattoo from Rouge Deluxe. She said "The eyeliner has sold in excess of 6.5 million units in Japan." I was pleasantly surprised because the application was very easy and the brush was much finer! The waterproof formula is also amazing. Easy to remove as well. A winner in my eyes!

I also include the Mac Superslick Liquid Eye Liner. I got the one in Gunmetal, which is a dark metallic grey. It's a very cool eyeliner. I like the shiny effect it gives. Removal of the liner was also relatively easy  cos instead of smudging off it will flake off. This also means it won't budge. Waterproof!

Last but not least, I also like to use gel eyeliners. They are pliable and easy to apply with a small brush. Its not as stiff as a pencil, but not as defined and harsh as a liquid liner. Thicker strokes can then be applied with ease.

My favourite is definitely the Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack.

Below is another gel liner I got from Coastal Scents or something like that. Unbranded. It's a dark cherry red with glitter. Pretty good too except it is starting to dry up...

And here are the swatches for all of them. I did the very lightest strokes for the pencil and k-palette ones.

In conclusion:

Best pencil liner: Revlon Colorstay
Best liquid eyeliner: K-Palette Tattoo 1 Day Superblack
Best gel liner: MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

There you go! I hope this helps next time you are at the drugstore and wondering which eyeliner to get. I know how difficult it is to try something new, but hey, it's fun and there's no harm! Liquid and gel liners are definitely something that most people dare not use because of their perceived difficulties, but really it is a breeze if you have the right product. You just have to try!
  1. Where can I get the revlon colorstay pencil eyeliner?

    1. Any drugstores in Singapore should have it!