Brunch Hangout: Food For Thought

Went for a flea yesterday with vanessa, her sis, sheralyn and jm. We were hungry after all that shopping so its time for tea!

Went to Food for Thought at SAM 8Q. It's the 2nd branch of the original one at bugis. We went there because Strictly Pancakes was closed, which was apparently not bad. We heard FFT has pancakes too.

Love the chillout and tasteful decor of the place. Bottled lights!

We ordered a red velvet cake to share. The cream cheese balanced with the dense cake texture is interesting. Don't think anybody should eat an entire slice by themselves though! We shared it among the five of us.

Next up. The pancakes!

Can I just say I've never tasted any yummier pancakes. This is the yummiest by far.

It's a stack of 2 pancakes that is drenched in get this, gula melaka, and topped with hand-whipped cream. This is the milk chocolate version. The portion is also very generous. It's like a 3 person share! But absolutely divine.

Waiting to be devoured.

We also ordered the dark choco pancakes. This had some sort of berries in addition to the dark choco chips. Also a delight to have. I love how the saltish buttery and fluffy taste of the pancakes is juxtaposed with the syrup and chocolate with the cream just adding the final touch.

Anyway, I will highly recommend Food for Thought next time anybody feels like having some hearty brunch or a light lunch of sandwiches/salads. I tried almost all their sandwiches/salads which are really interesting, like caesar salad with chinese soy sauce! Creative fusion and their cause for clean water makes this cafe a really good place to be at.

This branch is also significantly bigger than their Prinsep branch, which leaves one with the food smell after being in there for a bit, which is really unpleasant. If not for the smell I will definitely recommend people to go there! But for now, stick to the 8 Queen Street branch and some food for thought.

Food For Thought
Address: 8 Queen Street, Singapore
Tel: +65 6338 9887 |
  1. Love it. A friend took me there for brunch once, and I loved the food. Great atmosphere too, just too crowded at times. ;)

  2. You should try their big outlet at the Botanic Gardens. It can seat up to 300.