Brunch Hangout: Spruce

Brunch on a Sunday at Spruce. What better way to spend a lazy day than that?

I've heard about Spruce a long time back and had always been meaning to try it. But it being situated at the far corner of town (Tanglin) makes it rather inaccessible unless one has private transport. So I grabbed at the chance when I was asked if I would like to go to Spruce!

The place reminds me a lot of Dempsey, and the restaurant reminded me of House @ Dempsey. Or Au Petit Salut, with the al fresco sitting and decor amongst the greenery.

The place was buzzing as we reached at 1pm. We were told to wait for half an hour, which turned out to be 45 minutes. The wait was worth it though, and the food was served quickly.

I ordered the Spruce Brunch Brekkie!

Overall, it is not the best brunch I've tasted. The poached egg could do with a bit more flavouring (or I should have ordered scrambled), and I am not a fan of baked beans. The sausage/mushrooms/bacon was ok, and the tomato was an intense slice of flavour. My latter is also ok (I'm not a connoisseur of coffee).

My friend's banana pancakes with crispy biscuit bits and blueberries looked absolutely delicious though! I tasted them, and they were! Its so yummy. It could get a bit 'much' though since the serving is so huge. Imagine the amount of sugar that goes in!

So I was playing with my phone's photo apps (Instagram, LomoLomo, RetroCamera) and took a few of these photos.


Nothing like a cuppa to unwind.

Did I mention how much I love brunches?


320 Tanglin Rd
Singapore 247980
Tel: 6836 5528
Open Weekdays 12pm-3pm

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