Even if you don't know french...

... it is still a great tune, no?

Sometimes i feel like i am lost in translation.

In my hotel room in Zurich right now, it is the 3rd last night of my 9 days in Switzerland, with 1 day  spent in the air on Friday.

Many thoughts, many things I want to express. I thought of writing a proper blog entry, but the Wifi in my room is chargeable by the hour. I bought 24 hours for 15 CHF, which is about 21 SGD. (1 CHF = 1.4 SGD). So is my pre-paid SIM's data at 10 cents francs per 1 mb.

And I just paid 16 CHF for a plate for rice with cashew chicken for dinner, and 5 CHF for a bottle of green tea. I couldn't take it anymore, i had been on a all-bread diet since coming here and it is driving me nuts. I guess it's the Asian in me that really just needs a good plate of white rice more than anything.

At least this time round, my hotel is not a nightmare. In fact, i really like it (except the no free wifi part) because its so cosy. The staff in the hotel are all so friendly too, in fact, the night receptionist is like this old grandpa who made hot water for me one night when I needed to eat my cup noodle (that was dinner, and there's no kettle in the room). And I am literally just 3 mins away from the train station so its really convenient.

Still, I miss home! 3 more days.

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