blogger's sleek 5 dynamic views

Finally! After years and years of staying put where they are and having other blogging platforms zoom past them, blogger/google decided to do something. it is not game-changing, makes no impact whatsoever to the blogging experience, but still..

it's a "wanna see something cool?" kinda thing.

Blogger has recently introduced the Blogger Dynamic View so that readers can skip out of annoying pink frilly templates or black goth ones simply by typing /view after the

You will go to the default/sidebar new viewer, where you can select your 'style' on the sidebar above at the left.

Using my blog, I'm showing you how each 4 looks. They are:

I think my favourite is flipcard or mosaic. Esp when pics of food pops up. Heh.

If you have a google blogger blog, try it and see how it looks for you!

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