Brunch Hangout: Hatched on 3rd April

I was brought to Hatched on my hatch day on the 3rd of April this year to have a celebratory birthday brunch. Or consolatory, since I am a quarter of a century young. It was one of the places I've always wanted to go, so I was really excited when I knew we were going there. The location was kept a surprise till the last minute. It is situated at Evans Lodge, so initially I thought we were going to Halia when I saw the Botanical Gardens sign, but no. Instead it is inside this really old building that had a holding room reminiscent of a hospital waiting room where everyone waited for a table.

We had a reservation, so we waltzed right in. Time check, Sunday 12.30pm.

The menu in the form of a children's book was really cool and the characters reminded me of ee shaun's drawings. I wonder who's the illustrator? They were quite run down though, and one of the menu had a missing page in it.

Prices were reasonable, and they have a wide selection of eggs. I can't wait to go back and try out their scrambled! Reason being that day, we ordered the poached ones.

Here is my Sir Benedict. Poached egg with hollandaise sauce on top of bacon and english muffin together with mashed potato with creamy mushroom sauce and some salad.

Had a cuppa to go with it. THIS IS PERFECT.

My friend had a Burly Benedict, which consists of poached egg with mornay sauce, corned beef on top of English muffin and sauteed potatoes with salad.

Our big breakfasts!

The meal was really satisfying and not too heavy (it's only the start of Sunday, gotta take it easy). The eggs were well done (after all, they are called Hatched and it is their specialty). The sides also complimented everything and was really tasty. Felt quite 'healthy' after eating as well since its quite light and made with good ingredients.

We then decided to order some pancakes with banana to end off brunch. It came with fresh cream and maple syrup. Sadly the pancakes were too dry and not nice. The portion was also huge and we couldn't finish! Food for Thought's pancakes were much better!

Address: 26 Evans Road, #01-06 Evans Lodge, Singapore
Tel: +65 6735 0012
Opening Hours: Sun–Thu: 8am – 10pm , Fri–Sat: 8am – 12am (Closed on Mon)

You're looking at a 25-year-old object. Hi.

Was walking around after that when I received a call from a florist. Apparently i have a bouquet of flowers delivered to my house! It also came with a dkny watch, which was delivered wrongly and the florist sheepishly asked if the driver can go back to collect it. OMG. Haha it was quite funny. I got my brother to tell me who sent me the flowers, and turns out its my bestie! Thank you :)

They are hot pink roses with purple small flowers. It is very very nice!

I couldn't help staring at them. 

Look how pretty they are?

I went out afterwards for a seafood dinner with my primary school friends. Will blog about that separately. During the day I had tonnes of well wishes on Facebook, which was very cool. I'm so glad my birthday fell on a Sunday so I can celebrate it from Sat night all the way to Sunday night, and that all my friends remembered. I feel so blessed.

:) Being a quarter of a century old wasn't that bad after all.

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