Zouk Singapore Mambo Jambo 20th Anniversary Youtube Video

Watch and learn, mambo-wannabes! These people are the pros invited to perform the classic zouk moves during the 20th Anniversary of the club institution of Singapore, Zouk on 15th April 2011!

I am always amazed by how they learn the moves -- by going to zouk mambo every wednesday and watching/dancing until you get it right.

When asked why there aren't any 'instructional' videos on youtube, my brother (one of the performers) replied that you are supposed to GO DOWN to zouk to learn, not stay home and watch veedio!

He's got a point. But watch the youtube anyway if you are like me and just think it's super amusing.

Edit (12 July 2011, 11:17): New video about the mambo moves on Youtube by local fimmaker and photographer Jing Quek! Loves the way its composed and filmed. Check out his other works here.

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