Yam Ah Mee Medicated Oil #sgelections

A fun graphic i created for the Returning Officer for #sgelections. His deadpan expression is just too hilarious. Also can be viewed on http://twitpic.com/4unjtl and retweeted by @mrbrown and @leticiabongnino! (Edit: mrbrown blogged about it! woots)

Apply already no mozzie bite bruises gone and PAP gets elected!

Watch his deadpan expression again. Silver Lim!

Edit May 10, 1am: There's been so many fun items created for Mr. Yam, I thought i'll add it to this entry!

The best club mix of 2011 also belongs to FallenSuperheroSG who created this hit.

It is too funny and super duper catchy! No wonder it's gotten 120k hits in 2 days.

I made a iPhone ringtone based on it (hope FallenSuperheroSG doesn't mind!). Right click, save link as here to download it. Double click it and it will appear on your Ringtones folder in iTunes. Sync your phone to it and voila, the hottest ringtone in town.

For those who wants to play this on repeat while taking public transport, you can download the mp3 here (right click, save link/target as..).

And one day after the first club mix was released, came the second club mix, this time featuring my medicated oil as song cover! haha! This one is more autotune yeo yeo yeo...

So which song do you prefer?
  1. I watch till 1:30am, cannot tahan hearing him..

    But its been hard on him, repeating the same the whole night...


  2. Yam Ah Mee for president!!!