Sweet Eats: Dessert Bowl 一碗甜品 at Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore

Checked out a new dessert joint on Saturday night after our sumptuous dinner at Ban Leong Seafood (they serve one of the best zichar crabs ever!) We originally wanted to head to Udders at Serangoon Garden's myVillage. The new mall, myVillage, is actually quite a good little mall, with cool quirks and handwritten signs, which adds a really nice touch. Serangoon Gardens is shaping up to be the next Holland Village it seems!

The dessert place is called Dessert Bowl, or in mandarin, 一碗甜品, which means 1 bowl of dessert, which led to my sister asking, so does that mean everyone can only have 1 bowl? 

The place was also tucked away at the 2nd floor of a shophouse along Serangoon Garden Way, above a row of dodgy karaoke pubs with uncles smoking outside. Would not have known about it until Charis told us!

Different story when we climbed up. The place was bustling and filled with young people and the place has a happy clean vibe to it. This photo was taken at 10.30pm.

I spot a NJC t-shirt. Like I said, loads of youngsters!

The place was filled with little miniature food stalls displays from Hong Kong. Or Taiwan. I think this place is opened by someone from HK or TW. There are also many funny signs pasted around, coupled with vintage furniture.

We ordered their super star items, namely the mango pomelo, durian mousse, aiyu mango and my brother tried the red plum grass jelly, while Charis had the mango grass jelly.

It was.. not too bad. The mangoes were quite sour though, and the sago rather hard. I think my expectations are really high for mango pomelo, so this place could not match to it. Liang Seah's mango pomelo seems better. But the durian mousse was really blended with real durians and is really the perfect way to enjoy the King of Fruits without dirtying your hands with the spiky shell or hard seed. Just have it in mousse form with the flesh already prepared for you!

The red plum grass jelly was invigorating because the red plum is sour! The ai-yu jelly is a little bit like eating perfume in gel form, it was quite 'fragrant' in a odd way.

Overall, a pretty happening place to go for some desserts and laughs after dinner.
Check it out next time if you want to have some Chinese dessert at Serangoon Gardens!

Dessert Bowl 一碗甜品
80A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555980
Open Tue-Thu 12pm-10:30pm; Fri-Sun 12pm-12am

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