I will blog massively soon

Must say, very impressed with the new Blogger dashboard and layout. Very sleek, Web 3.0 and my blogging editor now has plenty of whitespace for my ideas to float around.

However, this is just a quickie to let you guys know that I will blog really soon with my Paris trip, and promise you will not be disappointed! It's been a whirlwind since coming home on Sunday night. I left for Paris last last Friday after work -- landed on Saturday morning, and from there woke up at 8am and slept at 1am every night in Paris/Maastricht/Amsterdam from Saturday to Saturday, before going to the airports, and landing on Sunday 8pm. I went to work the next morning, and had nightly appointments every week day this week! (Mon-Wed are my french classes at Alliance).

I foresee the posts coming in this weekend. Please wait just a little more.

Meanwhile, hope everyone's been doing fine. Good night!

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