List of things I ate in Taipei

It felt like we ate super a lot while we were in Taipei, and while the full travel posts for that city will be up after I am done with the Paris ones, I shall list down all the things we have put in our mouths during that 5D4N trip last week!

*Disclaimer: We shared all the food items listed here.

First night:
  1. Crispy fried chicken
  2. Tian Bu La beancurd
  3. Beancurd tofu dessert
  4. Milk tea with pearls
  5. Stewed assorted things (Lu Wei)

Day 1:
  1. Winter melon tea
  2. Ah zong mee sua
  3. Honey green tea
  4. Red oil dumplings
  5. Random food court minced meat noodles with dumpling soup
  6. Orange juice
  7. Ice cream popiah
  8. Weird strawberry and honeydew balls with jelly coating
  9. Shaved ice mango dessert
  10. Pepper biscuit
  11. Lu Rou fan

Day 2:
  1. Fried chicken egg sandwich with milk tea
  2. Pot sticklers and dumplings
  3. Ice cream popiah (again)
  4. Tie Dan
  5. Honey green tea
  6. Ah Ge (beancurd stuffed with vermicelli and drenched in spicy sauce) and fishballs
  7. Original shilin XXL chicken
  8. 1 sip of honey bittergourd drink
  9. Candied strawberries
  10. Ai-Yu drink
  11. Milk tea with pearls
  12. 1 bite of smelly tofu
  13. Ma La cold noodles
  14. 1 bite of Onion biscuit
  15. Taiwan porridge meal (5 dishes)

Day 3:
  1. Coffee with eggs and toast
  2. Taro balls dessert with assorted other starchy things
  3. Lu Rou fan with meatball soup
  4. Ice cream wrapped in tong luo shao pancake
  5. Honey chrysanthemum drink
  6. Pineapple biscuits
  7. Coffee at Eslite bookstore
  8. Pork cutlet noodles
  9. Cheesecakes
  10. Braised beef noodles with red oil dumplings

Day 4:
  1. Soya bean milk with thick 'bing' and thin 'bing' and egg 'bing' and you tiaos
  2. Egg pudding
  3. Smoked beef sandwich with egg salad with coffee/milk tea at Coffee Alley
  4. Rice dumplings from 7-11
  5. Braised beef noodles and milk tea/orange juice

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