Europe Summer 2011 Day 2 - Paris

Are you guys ready for Day 2 of Paris?

Just came back from Taipei, but I am ready to continue my blog series of Paris, or it will never get done! I also figured that my mac wifi is spoilt, which gave me endless frustrations before this when I try to blog since I spent hours just waiting for the pictures to load, and it was really making me mad. Now that I know my wifi is the one that's problematic at least I can just go get it fixed...

So Day 2 of Paris will be a Sunday! We met up with Benoit early in the morning for breakfast of super awesome coffee and baguette with jam and butter at the Goblins area before heading to more sightseeing spots!

We walked to the Pantheon, where its a mausoleum housing dead and famous people.

We did not go in however, just around the building since there are more things outside to see!

It was a beautiful day to be out.

We then walked over to the Luxembourg Garden to enjoy more of the spring sun!

It was a really lovely garden to be in! There was a symphonic band playing too which reminded me of my own symphonic band performances in the park. 

People are just sitting around on public chairs tanning and enjoying the sun!

Really fun. I wanna do that on a Sunday too! But we did sit around a bit like them and chatted while the cool breeze blows.

We then walked around the area, which is a cool district. St. Martin, St. Germaine area?

Had to take this photo.

Next up, best macarons in Paris!

We had walked around quite a lot, so decided its time to reward ourselves. I think macarons are something you HAVE to eat in Paris to seal the fact that you've been to Paris.

They are absolutely delicious. There are so many flavours to choose from, I don't know which to pick! If only I can have all of them, but it is crazy expensive!

In the end I had the salted caramel, chocolate and pistachio. YUM.

There is more walking after that.

We saw the famous Cafe Flore, frequented by many famous people as well. We wanted to have lunch there but it was super crowded.

We chose instead to go to a modern bistro called Germain that had a statue inside the building (the upper torso is upstairs). Love the colour of the statue!

After brunch we had some Italian gelato nearby! Then it was time for Benoit to bid us adieu, and we are off on our own!

This is me. 

There was more sightseeing...

And more walking. This sign is rather insane, because those locations are really far away!

After that, we walked back to the Pigalle area and had dinner at QUICK burger! It is their local macdonalds chain. The food was alright but not as good as macs!

We whiled away the time because we plan to go to the Eiffel tower at night. And so we did! We reached the place at about 10.30, and it was STILL bright. The sun was just about setting, so it gave the tower a really magnificent gradient backdrop.

The Eiffel Tower!

Simply breathtaking. A true icon.

We just kept walking closer to it and taking photos at each step.

The atmosphere there was also really nice, there were a lot of people sitting on the grass patch just in front of the tower hanging out and picnicking. There were also a lot of illegal Africans selling souvenirs. They ran when the plainsclothes police came.

The river at the back of the tower.

At 11pm, the tower glittered for about 10 minutes with bling bling lights! 
Very pretty!

And I shall conclude Day 2 with this. We had a super great day just taking in Paris, and what better way to end it off with that!

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