Hanayoshi Japanese Restaurant at 21 Duxton Rd, Singapore

Checked out a brand new Japanese restaurant today for lunch! It was our newly opened neighbour on Duxton Road, just a 30 seconds walk away from our office.

According to Patrick the owner, the restaurant just opened this week. I always like to try out new places, and I'm glad we visited this place for lunch!

Here's the first floor, which seems more for casual sushi bar meals.

We went upstairs instead since we have 7 people.

This is one of their private rooms with tatami. There are 3 such rooms. I would imagine it will be a good place to bring clients to.

 The ambience of the place is very nice. It was also very very quiet as we were the only ones there at first.

I really like the clean, fresh-smelling and new fittings. This place does not stink of yakitori smoke, which is something a lot of Jap restaurants are infamous for. Here you can see Amelia taking photos... haha!

And here comes the food! The lunch menu ranges from $10 to $28 for a set lunch which includes a soup, salad and gelato. Pretty extensive, they have the usual sashimis and japanese food.

I ordered the hotpot udon ($15). It was quite fresh and came piping hot, which is always good. It also had a tempura prawn inside. Would have preferred if that prawn was placed separately though, as it was soggy in the soup.  

Amelia ordered the salmon don. WAO! It looks really good and fresh.

Xuan had the sashimi lunch set $28. It looks really good too.

This was Peiling's Sushi and Soba set. Another rave. We all went "woahh..." when it was placed in front of her.

Last but not least, dessert! They have 3 gelato flavours in the house, and they are all fantastic. Matcha, Ume and Apple Cinnamon. Rather costly if you do not order it with the lunch set, as it is $8 each!

The owner was also kind enough to offer us complimentary gelato for those who did not order the sets. That was a really really nice gesture, and I appreciated it! The service there was tip-top.

If you are in the mood to dine in a Jap restaurant around the Tanjong Pagar area, definitely check out Hanayoshi!

Hanayoshi Restaurant
21 Duxton Road Singapore 089487
Tel: 62255567

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