my ASOS haul!

Ordered 8 items on the 30th of June from when they are having a sale, and the pound was at an all-time low. What better chance than to shop?

So I did, and I just received my items today!

I actually forgot what I bought so I had to refer to my transaction order. And then when I took out the pieces, they seem to be rather.. different that made me go, "eh, did I order this?" turns out I did, I just have a bad memory.

So here are the items I bought! Quite pleased with the value ^.^ Let me know which one is your favorite among my buys!

ASOS '50s Tie-Up Shirt £11

ASOS Printed Asymmetric Dress £13

ASOS AFRICA Print Cutabout Top £8

ASOS Ruffle Neck Swing Top £12

ASOS Summer Dress with Off The Shoulder £14

ASOS Floral Circle Top £7

and lastly, to top off all the summery clothing, I got a bag to go along with it!

ASOS Metal Keeper Detail Satchel £9

  1. Hi, I found your blog on Google because I'm looking for the size of the ASOS bag you bought. I want to use it as a school bag, but it looks like it might be too small. Does it look big enough for a textbook? Thank you!

  2. hi jp0058! the bag is definitely not big enough to fit a textbook comfortably. It measures roughly 23 cm (9") x 16 cm (6.2") if that helps!

  3. Hi, hope you dun mind me asking how much is the delivery fee? does it takes long to reach here? thanks for ur help !

  4. hi anon: the delivery iS FREE! that's right, free international shipping! it reached me within 3 weeks of ordering.

  5. thanks for your prompt reply. wasnt sure whether it was reliable. first time getting it. hehee. thanks so much for ur help (:

  6. ruffle neck swing top's my fav! wear it out when we date okayyyyyy! :D loves