My first real watch - Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Date Ladies Automatique

I got a new watch recently, and it is my first real watch! I've always wanted one of those because there are only so many quartz watches one can own.

Finally. A Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Date Ladies automatique watch! 

Let me introduce you to this absolutely stunning piece. I couldn't keep my eyes off it, and will look at it every 5 minutes. And I told my friends to let me know when they need to tell the time, so I have an excuse to look at it more.

The watch dial is also surrounded with 62 diamonds (0.64 carats!) that twinkle so merrily under room lights. Diamonds are definitely a girl's best friend...

The watch is also an automatique, meaning that the hands will move using the power stored up from the watch being moved around! Therefore, one can never stop moving... ;) I love how this means I will never need to put in a battery.

Like I said, it is a real watch, with a real movement inside like an intricate heart. When you shake it gently you can hear them.

It feels gorgeous on my wrist with its solid weight and just classic look. It is really easy to pair this watch with my work outfits!

It's a pity the diamonds can't really twinkle on photos, because it looks about 10x more gorgeous.
The watch bracelet is also very nicely done and does not look too clunky or flashy.

Here's the double clasp. I took just a little bit of time to figure out how to open it but when I did, the intelligence of this design amazed me. I have another steel watch that opens with just a single clasp, which I don't like because I have to 'hook' it and press it down on my wrist.

For this double watch clasp, all I need to do is to press the two "buttons" at the side, and the clasp will spring open gently to allow for the strap to lengthen comfortably.

Here's the clasp on my wrist. Very clean and stylish. I love it.

According to the Maurice Lacroix website, there are also Gents versions of the Les Classiques Date offered for 38mm. Don't you just love the dial? It might be my favorite collection so far if one is looking for a simple, classic and elegant watch with no frills, just plenty of quality. I would totally recommend anyone who is looking for a good solid watch to invest in to get it from Swiss watchmakers Maurice Lacroix.

Did I mention how in love I am with this watch? I did? Good.
  1. where did you buy this beauty? :)

  2. woah... you changed ur blog design! nice watch btw~